Proposition for Sampling #Revolauxion


I have a lot of things to say here, things some may disagree with. But I’m strong on my opinion here and I think these ideas would be beneficial for the platform and app in general. Here we go:

Auxy accounts.

Auxy is a great app and platform, but one of the most requested features on here is support for Android, PC, Mac, hell, even Linux. The devs have themself said they’re not planning on this, but this would be an added benefit.
I propose Auxy accounts.
With your one auxy account you can link projects, samples, loops, files etc. This takes away Auxy’s hinging all its support on iCloud which, (i’ll go as far as saying) I have found ludicrous at the best of times. If Auxy accounts could be accessed from an app, webpage, or program to import samples, projects etc. The benefits of Auxy accounts is it would unlink all of Auxy’s cross-platform management from Apple only which would support Auxy for android and other platforms.

It’s about time this happened. I mean come on! The amount of times I’ve seen people run into a problem with iCloud here is insane.

I’m almost certain this post will be taken down and/or not have anyone respond or see it but I’ll leave you all with one thing




The reason (if anyone was wondering) I’m so emphatic about this is because I’ve found myself basically no longer able to use auxy the way I used to because of iCloud’s narcoleptic bullsh**. I can no longer import any 3rd party samples or access the iCloud tab in Drums at all. if anyone else has any ideas for this feel free to post


Are you using an old version of Auxy? Since later versions of 5.x, samples and projects aren’t stored in iCloud anymore.


I’m using Auxy 6, the problem is now partly resolved but icloud still causes problems