Promotion for before a release

What do people think are the best promotion strategies for the days and weeks before a release? Curious to see what you think because this is something I’m trying to get better at doing. Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Repost trading - sharing your private link to other artists with the promise that they will repost it when it is released, and in return reposting one of their public tracks (often referred to as a “pretrade”). This is best done spread out over the course of a few weeks before your track is released so as not to overload your page with reposts at one time.

  • Social media posting - utilizing platforms like twitter, instagram, and facebook to spread awareness about your upcoming track before its released. Places like twitter are especially good for this as you can build very close relationships with your follower circles.

  • Radio publicity - find radio stations (often the smaller independent ones can be easiest to get on first) that click with the style of music you create and are willing to run your music as part of their rotations. An irreplaceable method of expanding your fanbase; more info can be found here.

  • Incorporate into branding - building hype for your new content is crucial to ensure that your audience takes their time to listen to what you create. Add a graphic in your SoundCloud banner with the cover art of the new song and an estimated release date. Make an instagram story with it. Pretty much anything to get people anticipating a date with your new release.

With the exception of things like pre booking shows to showcase your new music, this covers around 90% or more of what an amateur / hobbyist producer can do to drastically increase their engagement. And I rarely see it done enough around here so… definitely a largely untapped source. :wink: