Projections - Insomniac

I made this the day before Stephen Hawking died and finished it that day. I heard about it after I had already made it sound kinda like a funeral dirge…I wanted it to be a tribute after I found out what happened. I figure it’s kinda good so here it is:

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I like this. Nice and mellow. Love those chords! I don’t know about funeral dirge, lol. Very pretty all in all. That build up kinda hurts to listen to. The random chords going everywhere. When you make a build up my dude, try to make the chords repeat so that you can hear them build easier. Other than that, I don’t really have much more feedback for you! Awesome song

Uniqueness: 8/10
Predictability: 8/10
Complexity: 7/10
Use Of Instruments/Automation/Samples: 7/10
Feeling: 9/10

Overall: 39/50 Nice dude!

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It’s supposed to be hard to listen to because it was hard for me to acknowledge that I would never get to meet one of my heroes


I get this, but if you want people to listen to your song, you should try to make it easy to listen to; more people will listen to a song that is good

Still think this is brilliant tho

I think you executed brilliantly.

It had the perfect balance of uneasy dissonance and wistful longing.


Thank you so much :blush:

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Thank you!
I had just ~four wonderful minutes of staring off into space. :musical_note:


I’m glad it’s appreciated. It’s one of my older obscure tracks…