Project Size Glitch

So I was working on a new song, and I went out of Auxy with the project open, then when I went back in, the instruments and everything were tiny!

I went out of the project then back in and ended up with this:
Does anyone know of any possible reason why?

Edit: This has happened multiple times now


Not sure

hmm that’s new

I’ve seen this happen before

This is normal but rare
And has been reported more than a year ago while beta testing
It’s just a minor orientation glitch which occurs only when opening Auxy and immediately rotating its orientation mode.

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User interface shrinkage can occur when it’s cold.


These two answers aren’t consistent.
I opened the app in portrait orientation and never changed the orientation mode. My phone can’t turn the home screen so if my phone was turned, I wouldn’t know, and turning it back would have happened inside of Auxy.
It wasn’t cold where I was using it, and I had been using my phone and charging it simultaneously for a bit beforehand so it was warm.

Some more information from testing the glitch:

  • Going out and back into the project cancels the glitch.
  • Creating a new instrument cancels the glitch.
  • Activating/Deactivating loops does not cancel the glitch.
  • The dots on the side of a loop that show how many bars the loop is can only show up to six dots during the glitch. This is the only effect that I can find in the glitch that would make it significantly harder to use the app.

Thank you all for responding.


How can that happen. First of all, idk what started this glitch. Second of all, why was this topic made because of some glitch? And last but not least, everyone got this glitch and they reported it for some reason.

I don’t even know what that is. Just to being honest with you.

Very True :rofl::rofl:


Okay somebody plz do something. This is just a normal glitch that’s happened to us.

Not everyone has gotten this glitch. @Deru hadn’t even seen it before. As far as I can tell from searching the forum, this is the first instance of it being reported.

This topic was made because of the glitch because I think it should be patched, like almost all glitches. It’s under the Auxy Feedback category because this is the main category where glitches are reported.

The two answers that @Aklibs and @MisterMaster were not the same. They both give different reasons for why the glitch happens.

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yeah okay



Ugh that happens all the time to me

can you imagine having smol screen?

-thos post is mede by ipad gang


I’ve noticed this before and it happens when you change orientation while the app is starting up

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I can see every pixel


it’s not new- it’s been happening for quite a while