Progressive house tips?

Lately since I slowly got back into the music production vibe, I seem to have lost my flavour in making even the most basic songs. I can make pretty great chords, throw in a nice drum beats… but can’t continue. I make a cool melody, have a fitting drum pattern, but end up nowhere. I even try listening to a couple songs for ideas (while trying to make Future Core), but when I made a track myself it sounds messy and weird. Right now my target is making calmer, slow songs, rather than arcade length songs from games like beat mania IIDX or Arcaea.

So that’s why I’m gonna start slow and try doing progressive house, since it’s fairly easy to work with, and thought of consulting this community of musicians for tips. Note that my experience in music is kinda off since I never got ahold of the latest Auxy since I was stuck with a low end device for a while, and I’m trying to work with Major scales, mainly F# or Ab. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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