Produk - Distant Future (The Album)

I’m proud to announce my first full album! It’s mainly future bass, with some EDM and progressive house sprinkled in.

If you don’t like future bass, that’s fine. You know where the exit button on your browser is.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the album!


Cool man, Memories is really cool


Memories is AMAZING!!! It sounds like there should be lyrics in there. But, all over.

Amazing! When I think of old stuff it’s gets me so happy to be where I have been then gone farther! It does make it kind of sad when you think of some things like if you could relive these moments. But at least we did them.

I gave it a like
My favourite is magnetism

posted this on my twitter, but in case you haven’t seen it yet…

“Distant Future is in stores, but of course I found an error in one of the tracks. I’m working to see if I can get it fixed without having to take down the entire album and re-upload it, but that might be the case. :roll_eyes::sob:

If in fact, I do have to take down the entire release and re-upload, I apologize for all the waiting.


It’s okay man. We make mistakes :sweat_smile:

In fact, the same thing happened to me with my first track uploaded to iTunes and Spotify. It delayed my release date by a few days, and I felt pretty embarrassed since some people heard the messed up track.

It’s really simple to just email Amuse and take it down within a day :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing is, I don’t know if they can just take down one track, or will I have to take down the album again?
With the first option: it’d be weird if I was missing a track for who knows how long
With the second option: it’s a huge pain

What was the error tho?

Idk either, you’ll have to message their feedback email. But I do know that their support is good and they reply pretty fast. :slight_smile:

You’ll have to re-upload the whole thing, sadly. The same thing happened to me once. :frowning:

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Thanks for letting me know.

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So as many of you know, one of my albums just got into stores. I found an error in one of them(silly me, should’ve triple-checked), and now I’m wondering this:

Do I leave the messed up song in stores or do I take it down** and re-upload? Is it worth it? Will anyone care anyway?

The error is in the second drop of Memories. See if you can find it. Did you care?

Anyone else struggle with perfectionism? is perfectionism a struggle

**I would have to take down the entire album
EDIT: A friend convinced me, imma do it

I don’t hear any errors. What is it? Unless you mean that it’s not as quiet

Yeah, I don’t hear it either. At first I thought you played a loop with a bit too many snares but I heard that in the SC version too… :stuck_out_tongue: (don’t worry that’s definitely not a big deal)



pls no

edit: nvm, it’s not, Sana’s wrong, we’re good


Is it that one background snarish thing?

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Lol, sorry I’m not listening thoroughly. Yeah, I hear one or two extra snares in the Apple Music version… honestly it’s not a big deal. Still love the track.

if it sounds like a muffled snare/drum roll, then yes, that’s it

I only heard the SC version