Producer's block

Help I have producers block send me an idea

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Write a story with your music.

.-. when you are physically unable to write stories with your music

Try to create a mood with your song. Then, have that mood transition and evolve.

Here’s something you could possibly have some fun with, idk


And use the ideas in this thread


Some producer’s block might be nice right about now… Then maybe I would quit getting ideas all the time and procrastinating my school. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The best thing to do with producers block is go into Auxy, find a sound that you like, and make the craziest melody or chords or whatever. Then try and make a song out of it. For me it helps get my brain going and it kinda helps. But idk, it may or may not work for everybody.

Try staying up til 3am watching Andrew Huang’s YouTube videos


Write something without wubs. Or try downtempo music. Join the dark side, we have cookies over here in downtempo land :3

These situations are tough man cause when it becomes frustrating this can block your creativity even more. It’s Sod’s law that our best stuff comes when there isn’t pressure to write something perfect. There’s a huge paradox in all of this. Writers block in itself when you think about it is really down to the fear of failure. It’s not that there isn’t any ideas but rather the fear that what you might put down won’t be good enough. (In my own personal experience)

The paradox inside of this is to give yourself permission to fail, mess it up or do a bad job and funnily enough that’s how fall into that free flowing creativity because the pressure of doing something “good” isn’t clouding your mind.

I know this might seem a little woo woo and out there but I hope it could help you in some with way.

I LOVE Andrew Huang :smiley:

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Done already…

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