Pro Tips from the Auxy Community


TOPIC: There’s many pros in the Disco community, but even more amateurs. This topic is made for Pros to provide guidance and advice to the learning community on Auxy usage—track creation, balancing, advanced production tips, hacks for achieving more professional sound, etc.

ATTENTION: This is a comment first, project second topic. Please don’t come here with a project unless you’re using it as an example for your tip.

Disclaimer: You don’t have to be a pro, either! Even if you just downloaded the app a few weeks ago, and you’ve discovered a handy tip that could help others in their music creation, feel free to share it! However, it’s suggested you have some experience with music making to avoid misinforming newcomers.

ALSO: As always, feel free to provide a project to accompany your advice, as long as it directly follows the tip. Let’s keep OT to a minimum and make this an enjoyable, information-rich topic for learning!

Auxy Tips and Tricks from the "Experienced"

So many people want vocal chops in their songs. Who says you have to wait? Bee is the perfect synth to do so! Just follow the tutorial and you’ll have (while not perfect) vocal chops!!! (Hint - 1/32 notes are for the best effect possible!!!)



Pro tip: automate/transition everything. Even if just a tiny bit


Something that might help: when increasing the filter of something to “fade it in”, so to speak, try reducing the volume a tad as the filter increases. For snares, this can help keep them balanced. I’ve found slighty turning down the distortion and reverb can help create the fade-in effect as well. Compression is best left alone here, however, as are hats, in the case of creating a fade-in snare.


Here’s a few tip I always use:

Using the Sweeper tool is a great way to start a song as an intro.

Bass synths are one of the most important things you need! It helps what I like to call “A support of the lead Synth”. A good bass use is Punch, found in the original sound pack of Auxy

Label and choose a colour your loops to make things a lot more organized to make everything a lot more organized and easy to make your Auxy track! Also label your sequences (where you choose the order of the songs) like for example, Buildup Part 1, Drop, Intro 2, Ending etc.


Here’s a tip. For ambient music sometimes I think it’s a good idea to have a sweeper with max start and end to provide a sort of wind sound. Lower the filter a bit and it’s perfect.


Something that has REALLY helped me in making music is to know common chord progressions. It makes it so much easier to make songs when you constantly know some good chord structures off the top of your head.

In the key of C some great chord progressions are:
C, G, Am, F
Am, F, C, G
Am, C, F, G

Like thousands of professional songs are made from these chord progressions so you can’t really go wrong with them.


Just remember the formulas. It is even easier in Auxy as the scale is always provided for you. For example- 1,4,6,5 (these are intervals of the scale so just count up from the key.) If you get a chord formula sheet and memorize it, youll be golden. Makes it super easy to get some long chord progressions for emotional songs :slight_smile:


Don’t be scared of melodic minor. It just means the 7th interval is raised to make your music sound more exotic :wink:


lol I’ve been scared of it for a year now! :joy:


I literally made a topic about this the other day


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I’m going to most likely add more posts, but here’s some that I find helpful:

Feel free to add more drum packs. A lot of the different kits in the different packs go well together.

Try not to play the same pattern over and over again. It creates repetitiveness in your track and makes it less interesting for the listener.

Don’t be afraid to add layers! I reccomend 3-6 melodics playing the same loop at the same time. This will hopefully create a new “synth” that will make your track more interesting.

Spice up your track and make it unique! Try to come up with your own style that you would want to listen to yourself.

Add a sub-bass to give your track a fuller sound! I reccomend having a bass on low filter or lake (from Sounds of Virvant), Punch, and/or Crater!

In my opinion, for best drops, add ducker to none or all of the instruments. If you have one element that breaks the rules, make sure it’s different than the rest of the instruments and that will make it most certainly stand out.

Be involved with Auxy Disco! Even if you’re not happy with your tracks, there are so many amazing people to help you make them the tracks that you want to!

Hope these help!


Always try something new.
A new genre, a new way of modulating sound, a whole new way of organizing your sounds.

You want to have as much flexibility as you can in order to produce such music. Try alternating one of your projects to another genre, you might be amazed in the results.


Basically, if your music peaks a lot (you’ll see the waveform hit the top), you should TURN THAT SHIZEN DOWN (lowpass, volume) or do what you can to prevent it. Basically, you’ll lose the sound anyways because it’s gone as high as it can go and hits the roof. It’s like yelling right into a mic, and you may hear the little popping sounds.

Think of your music like a pressure indicator, going from green to yellow to red. You only wanna just touch the red, but going over will blow up your sound!

The Audiocopy app is good for seeing your waveform, and Auxy exports uncompressed WAVs there.

At least, that’s my understanding of mixing from my film experience.


If you want to use sounds for chords but they sound grainy, remember that you can stack them for a cleaner sound. :slight_smile: