Premium subscription feedback


Who’s to say they won’t add some?


I know this because no company can thrive without money. They just made it free at first to bait us in and then say, “Oh, ya know, now ya have to pay for everything you had for free. Your choice of whether you like our app enough to do so.” They would have to add a subscription eventually. They just had to decide when…


So, you don’t ‘know’ at all then, basically.

now ya have to pay for everything you had for free

The only users who would think like that are those who never bought any sound packs - and who are now bitter at the idea that their (non-)custom might not be valued.

The previous revenue/business model might have sustained the company if a larger proportion of users regularly bought sound packs.


To auxy’s users and creators

I don’t like the auxy subscription. I’m not trying to hate on auxy, but I don’t think it’s very practical. I know the creators have to raise money somehow, but for all the people that can’t get the subscription or people that make music casually, we are stuck with the same sounds and 2 drum kits. So I have came up with some ideas that might appease my side of the argument:

  1. Release old auxy sound packs from the past that might be outdated or not used often.

  2. Make some low key sample packs for non subscribers. Thayer don’t have to made by a popular producer. Just something simple that we can use

  3. Make some more effects and editing options so that we can take the sounds we have and transform them to make new ones.

Again, I’m not trying to hate on auxy. I just want to give my opinion on the auxy subscription. Any thoughts?


Well, even as a free user, your “argument” doesn’t really make any sense. They didn’t take away any sounds or anything like that, which I personally have no problem with. They took away the drums that were once free and gave back 2 mediocre packs, which is pretty bothersome to begin with, more so because they didn’t even mention it prior to the update. Tbh, I wasn’t expecting much new for free users for the update, but was somehow dissapointed.

The devs offered more to paid users (which I have no problem with), but offered Less to free ones (problem).

I already explained my position on the subscription system & stuff in a long post above, but if you want more sounds, just pay for them. That’s always been the case and there’s no reason for that to change.
All that I want is just to have the drums back. Doesn’t even have to be all of them, but a few to give people something to work with.


Oh boy where do I start?

Auxy 5, the update itself is ok, but the fact that you have to keep your subscription payed to use sounds is a dealbreaker for me. It’s the main reason why I still prefer Auxy 4.

I’m not the kinda person who would pay a subscription fee just to use the bare minimum of the app. I understand why the devs have to do so, they’re not making enough money.


Hi Fredrik,

Thanks for the great update to the app!

I still have the same issue on both my devices. Not a big deal but thought I would let you know.

Looking forward to see what comes next!!

Thank You!




Quick question, do I need WiFi to use the subscription?


I’ve used Auxy without WiFi just fine before, and all the sounds were accessible.

… except once, when I didn’t have a subscription, I had access to all the sounds for 30 seconds. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


To clarify, you’ll need an internet connection to…

  • Initially purchase the subscription
  • Access, audition and use any uncached library sounds or imports
  • Sync and backup to iCloud

WiFi is preferable to using data allowance as the library is quite large and you can end using many MBs checking out the library sounds.


Is that really a term for purchasing something?


That’s not a thing, for different genres there’s different needs.


It’s where the word customers derives from.

…though it’s possibly used mainly in Britain.


Ah, so it’s “english” english. Basically it’s something that exists but shouldn’t, right? ;3


Huh, you learn something new every day.


Been using Auxy since nearly the beginning, and although I am not really pleased with a subscription based “premium” business model as I don’t have a lot of means to afford it at this time, and I much preferred buying packs (and possibly purchasing in-app extra features, such as importing custom sound samples), it would be cool to see a couple more things going forward. Granted you guys seem to be developing a lot fo what I was wanting for, but is it a possibility to allow Audio Unit plugins like how Garageband iOS app works (or a better example, how most PC/MacOS DAW’s allow you to import VST plugins and such)? Also maybe having on-board in-app plugins such as a drum machine emulator? Either way and despite my few complaints, I will say great job thus far guys!


One aspect about the subscription model is - as far as I can see - not discussed here: What happens in case Auxy is closing their server - am I unable to record new tracks with the subscripted sounds? In other words: Are all these sounds useless?


i doubt Auxy will be shutting down anytime soon but if they do im sure they’ll notify everyone (unless both devs randomly decide to jump ship).

But yeah, as far as i’ve seen with abandoned apps, in-app purchases will no longer be available and subscription sounds would be useless. I’d hope that the devs would just unlock everything for everyone, but that’d feel like those who paid would have gotten ripped off.

Again tho, that ship has not sailed yet and i doubt it wil anytime soon.


I don’t see the yearly subscription, plus I am an owner of the packs before and I don’t see the two month discount…