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just curious how old are you


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Drinking age equates to; Age you were, when you received access to Alcohol!! Lol. That is the UNIVERSAL Drinking Age. :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I feel like people overlook how great the original sounds are, I always come back to them, one reason being they are all nicely packaged together. But they really did a great job of choosing versatile sounds that cover a wide territory and it’s likely that with automation and sound packs coming afterwards, that people could probably stand to mine some more gold from those sounds


Also considering that it’s a team of 3. They would have to split their cuts so really, they aren’t making a huge amount of money. So yes, they are extremely generous and what they are offering for such a low price is remarkable


Who’s the third person - and what’s their role?


Not sure his role and I forgot his name. But it’s confirmed there is three team members


Where did the info come from?
Not doubting you, just curious to understand the capabilities within the team.



Yep, Lenberg also confirmed somewhere in the forums of a third guy who helps out sometimes. I googled his name, Andreas Oman (found it on the Auxy fandom page and found a LinkedIn page with this description:

But unfortunately, I can’t click on the link bc I don’t have a LinkedIn Account. I managed to once, but the whole page was in Swedish.

… but yeah, third guy :stuck_out_tongue:


Aah. That’s the first feed post from a while back.
I’ve got a feeling that it’s been only Henrik and Fredrik for a while,

There’s been plenty of talk amongst members of the forum of the team being only two, talk that Lemberg will certainly have seen many times. I can’t recall if Fredrik or Henrik ever stating it themselves. They’ve certainly had ample opportunity to correct those statements if they’re wrong.

If that third person is still involved, I suspect he isn’t a full time member of the team. But as I said, I think that person’s no longer involved and that it’s been only Fredrik and Henrik for a while.




discussed this here:


His LinkedIn in says the Auxy gig ended in Feb 2016, so currently two, as far as we know.

Fwiw, he seems to have been the one who developed the internal synth engine and the MacOS app for creating sound patches.


Ah ok. Couldn’t see it without an account.


My speed-pecking on iPad :wink:


I’d love to get my hands on that, actually. I’ve been really interested in seeing how the sounds are designed with Auxy, because they don’t follow traditional setups. Some are wavetables, some are samples that are looped with such extreme precision that it’s hard to believe they’re actually looped. If only I had a mac x3


Pretty sure there’s a screenshot floating around on the forum.
Remember seeing it a while ago.

It wasn’t fancy. Just a wall of parameters.
Maybe dig around in the ‘sound pack’ threads or maybe wherever the open market concept has been discussed.


Forum-fu is strong with I an I :wink:


I do too, that’s what I’m most interested in. I’ve honestly wanted to develop my own sort of VST extension that functions similar to auxy, as a wavetable and sample player that hopefully would be able to craft the sounds in the way I desire. I can’t seem to find it anymore though, I really want to see that screenshot again though x3

EDIT: @icsleepers thanks man x3

Seeing that screenshot actually helps a lot, specifically when attempting to recreate sound slopes. I didn’t realize it was exponentially generated.