Premium subscription feedback


Jeez, thinking of that. 30 dollars a month?! I could never shell that out


I find it kind of ironic how every single one of you had (or is close enough to someone who had) to purchase an apple device in order to even have auxy, which is hundreds of dollars of an investment, however, the idea of paying five dollars a month for multiple thousands of samples and millions of imports is somehow outrageous. Henrik and Fredrik can’t continue to put stuff into this app if they aren’t getting any money out of it. They made it, this is their job, And a source of their income. This is a very necessary step to take in order to keep auxy rolling out with updates, features, and sounds. Also, even with the $5/month, this is an insanely cheap tool compared to other software. I back them completely.


I second this




FYI mines a hand me down from ma papa


And when your 14 and can’t really get a job, you don’t have any sustainable flow of money, the only money you rely on is birthday money and lawn mowing, but when your birthday and when the grass is actally thawed Let’s remember I live in SD, it’s 50+ 4 months of the year So I’m just saying what my dilemma is


I only have an iPhone ‘cause my dad worked at Apple.


I’m sorry for those of you who still can’t afford it, however: it is still remarkably cheap for what it’s giving you, and it’s necessary in order to keep auxy rolling.


This is really well said. Looking at the reviews on the App Store, it seems that a lot of people don’t consider Auxy to be a “real” way to make music and are angry that they have to pay. I don’t agree with that at all. Auxy is a great tool, and if it’s getting better and I have to pay for features, I’ll gladly do so.


I’m not arguing for making Auxy free, just for adjusting the prices in regions other than the US and Western/Northern Europe. Those prices are going to drive out the majority of non-pro users in less affluent countries, because imagine having to spend 15 dollars a month on one app. It’s a lot of money. I’m just suggesting an approach similar to what Spotify or Apple Music are doing.


Well my free trial expired. I’ll purchase a year long subscription when there’s a digital keyboard type thing and live recording. Just not too keen on plunking around in the piano roll anymore and there’s plenty of options to avoid that workflow on my phone. But it’s good to see that great new sounds that have been asked for are beginning to roll in. Fingers crossed


Put a PayPal link in your profile & ask for donations from fans. Why not? I’ll give ya $5 bucks.
Just make sure you give donors, receipts; Showing you used the cash, for Auxy. Just a thought.

*I find it a tad ironic, that mowing lawn = $, in an era when people your age think physical labor is for robots! Lol j/p :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: W/O Auxy, I wouldn’t know you exist. Weird thing to think about. :wink:

EDIT: Dollar signs didn’t show up, so grammer looked wrong. One Dollar sign did show up, though. Hrmmm?!! Lol


Actually, there is an incentive in here. As a user who purchased all the original sound packs, I had gotten 3 whole months of a free trial. It’s the free trial, if you bought at least one pack, you’re guaranteed a week of messing with the new instruments. At this point, it feels like paying for one sound pack a month. Granted, some of the sounds may be of lower quality, but this is a tiny two-person team, not some giant collective like Ableton or Native Instruments. The only way this is unfair to some is if they wanted to stay free and use only the original sounds. But in this world, even things that are free cost money and time to produce. So I applaud Fred and Len for their work. Gave us a good music app that could punch weight with the best of them on the App Store.


Yeah, I like to support an App that I like and use a lot. Especially if it’s a Small or not well known app.


I’m going to get Auxy when I get a job, so I know I’ll be responsible enough to manage periodic payments


Finally skipped the latte. ;D

I just wrapped up my free trial and purchased another month of premium. I’m glad to support this awesome company and I look forward to playing around with these sweet new sounds… maybe purchasing another month and so on. ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ


It hurts more when you realize adding a subscription was part of their plan all along. Wish I knew more about finance. I don’t have a problem wit the subscription. I’m just hurting for others. Especially people who have issues with paying for this subscription because they have no regular source of income. Plus they don’t even have electric guitars or chip tune sounds. You can see why some people are disappointed right? Auxy should have teleased a more popular sound pack with its new subscription because people want to see that Auxy cares about their musical interests. Well anyways. I just meant to say that a subscription hurts many people, but it’s the only way for Auxy to keep going so it has to be done. :frowning:


And how do you know this?


The entire point of a subscription was that the developers would have a source of income. I’m not saying everyone can afford it, but I’m saying it’s incredibly cheap for what it is.


It is pretty cheap, but I am still too young to buy it…

But the original sounds are actually really good when you put apa lot of automations. The bass is great as well