Premium subscription feedback


What about still having an old version of Auxy and buying a pack?


That’s what I was wondering…can I go back and just buy the melodic percussion pack? That’s the only one I do not have


Now to prove that your an OG auxy user, you just have to wait until your subscription ends and you can use the packs you purchased before A5


Q: Was a post deleted? Definitely recall someone going off in the last 24 hours about the subscription changes, and the removed instruments, etc…

Sure it was a bitter rant, bit of ‘rage quitting’ Auxy to use Medly instead, but it was earnest. Nothing offensive.

Deleting criticism is a really ugly move, if that’s what’s happened.


The one problem I have with the subscription is the lack on soundpack countdowns


i’d assume so, because all the packs are still in app purchases. Going back an update might be a problem though.


If you have synced/backed up your phone to your computer from before the update, you should be able to redownloqd the old version.
Just make sure that as soon as you plug in your phone DO NOT LET IT SYNC or it will update the version saved on your computer

I believe there’s more to it, look it up, but that’s a way that you can


You could Rename this to “complain about Auxy 5 here” and it would be the same thread


How do you know?

In terms of posts being deleted, random threads keep disappearing because they aren’t fully music production oriented despite being old threads. It’s kinda hard to tell when posts get deleted though.


Because I saw it, read it - and planned to respond later to a couple of points.

[Edit: To clarify, iirc, it wasn’t a forum regular.]

It wasn’t really saying anything that hadn’t already been said, but afaik, that’s not a criteria for deletion on this forum.

(Normally, a deleted post leaves a ‘will be removed in 24 hours unless flagged” marker in place, but mods/admins can purge it immediately if they choose to. It’s possible the poster may have had second thoughts and deleted it themselves or asked for it to be removed, as it was a tad histrionic.)


Then ask one of the @moderators about it. I didn’t think there even was a criteria for deletion tbh, usually off topic posts sometimes disappear now and again…

If it was deleted… well… I don’t feel much at home with auxy as I used to anyway I suppose. Nor really welcomed but that’s neither here nor there. Just another reason to move beyond here.


Before, I said that I probably won’t be able to get premium… and, well, I did: and it was totally worth it. With premium, I have access to so many sounds that give me so much inspiration.

So for all you peeps out there who’re having second thoughts about subscribing, you totally should. The drum samples fit for any genre and so do the packs. The ability to import your own samples also gives your tracks creativity. It’s definitely worth it.

However, I still don’t know what I’m going to do after my trial and money expires, which is going to be in just a month. I don’t want to leave Auxy, but I think Lenberg and Fredrik should add at least some new stuff for non-premium users every couple of months or so… but keep the really good stuff for premium users (‘cause I understand you guys need the money xD).


Good to hear! But why couldn’t you pay for the subscription?


Well, I’m starting out with the free trial for now, and once it’s over I might try and convince my parents to pay for monthly, maybe yearly… talk about cutting down on a Starbucks drink to pay for it :sweat_smile:


That’s the spirit! Skip one latte per month and you’ll be fine.


Is there any way to purchase sound packs by itself?


Not if you’re using V5. For V5 users that option is dead.

I’m not sure if it’s also dead for those who didn’t upgrade, but I suspect it is no longer available for them either.


I believe the sound packs are no more.

The subscription covers all of the samples.


All of the two month free subscription people today.


Auxy’s great but the pricing is very steep for someone who lives in Poland (or any ex-Eastern Bloc country for that matter). 5 bucks doesn’t sound like much but that, after comparing average incomes, is to a Pole like 15 dollars is to an American. That’s why Spotify, for example, costs around 5 dollars (19,99 zlotys, actually) a month here instead of the usual 10. And Auxy at 20,99 zlotys a month is really expensive.

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