Premium subscription feedback


I’ve been following along very loosely here, so forgive me:

If you never bought a sound pack, and you installed version 5, you get all the AUXY pack sounds and 16 drum samples? So the 96 or so from version 4 are behind the subscription wall minus the 16 you get, but, all the original sound pack sounds are available?


No, if you have never bought a soundpack you only get 16, none of the original version 4.


16 drums samples, but all the melodic instruments?

I mean 16 drum samples is a little whack. That’s tough. That’s like “Yo you want water or oxygen today?”

Oh you only get 16 new samples you mean? ZERO original ones? lol. Dang.

Ok I can see why people are a little bent out of shape.


Yep. I even paid for it and I’m still bent out of shape about it. Because I see the issue from the other side. I also said hello to them ;3 -rimshot-



After playing with this new version of the app I wish to confirm that I will be subscribing to the premium subscription.

I look forward to supporting you and Fredrik.



I bought the subscription soon as it came out. Didnt even know what for. But glad I did tbh


Oh my god that’s long :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah. But I just had to get my thoughts out and figured easier to do 1 post than do about 20 different replies that were all very similar


@lenberg Umm so I pressed the thing to start my subscription, but its not working. I’m not sure if its a bug or if its just something weird on my end. Is anyone else having this problem?


You probably need to provide more details about what happened.

eg: What does “it’s not working” mean? What did you see on the screen?


@MisterMaster Basically, I’ll press the one month subscription button and it will start with the little loading thing will come up, and it will just stay there and keep loading and loading and loading. I even left it overnight. I have really fast wi-fi and a new device, so I cant possibly imagine what the problem is


Hey! Sorry for the inconvenience. When you hit ‘Subscribe’ (or ‘Start Trial’), we pass it over to apple to perform the purchase. Could you try quitting the app, then signing out from your app store account in the Settings app, then launching Auxy and trying again? It should ask you to sign in when you hit ‘Subscribe’ again.

If that still doesn’t work, please send a support email from the app (the third tab) after attempting to perform a purchase. It is important that you first try to purchase before sending the email, as it contains logs that might be important.


@lenberg I think the main problem is that because Auxy is iOS so everybody expects purchases on it to be cheap. I understand what you are saying now about not wanting the app to be for free users. I was confused at first but I get it. As always, I support team Auxy.


“I’ve been with the Auxy team for a year now” (From your bio @official_ivo)


I’m not developing anything or working directly with Auxy Co. - I’m just a part of team as a helping hand on the side.


Do you help them with their breakfast?


If you mean bass breakfast, then of course


You already know it


Well yeah. I think 99% of everyone here understands that they need $$ and not everything is free.

Idk how to say it without sounding contradictory, but people are more mad about what is free vs what used to be free.

this is also just my opinion/thought but I’m not sure that having all of the good (or even basic) stuff locked is going to encourage new people to use the app.

Like I went through a few different music making apps before I found Auxy. The reason I stuck with it is that I saw the potential it had and how powerful it was with what was available.
I feel that if you can’t prove that the app is powerful alone with just the basics, then you can’t expect those same new users to think that things are going to be better by shelling out a few extra bucks.
If you buy a mediocre game, but there’s also an option to unlock new stuff for a few bucks a month, you’re not gonna think “I want to upgrade this game” because you’d be expecting pretty much the same level stuff that you have now.

(No one seems to really be getting anywhere with these topics and seems like the devs are already pretty set on the new system anyway. But I figure I’d still say something if I feel like I can)



Also yes, unfortunately. shrug