Premium subscription feedback


hmm… it’s odd that lenberg used two new kits rather than two old ones…


(I have posted the same thing in the Bugs & Issues topic as a reply, however I feel that it would probably be more relevant here) (if a mod wants to remove the post from the other topic that’s fine)

Well the app now gives many more options and freedom for people to use if they want to do a subscription. That itself is perfectly fine and wouldn’t have caused any problems. The problem that I and other users are having is that there is less now for users who are unable to pay (for many reasons) than before, the biggest one (that I’m seeing) being the original drums.
Before anyone could use them and the instruments that went with it. It was good for those who wanted to produce minimally. If you felt limited by what you had, you could break a few bucks and expand your reach in production. If you didn’t feel that way, you could still make good tracks and continue learning without having to spend anything.
But now it’s all behind a pay wall. Yes the app is still labeled as “free” and there are some things available, but now it’s next to nothing with 16 very “meh” drum samples instead of what was available before. It’s become almost a pay-to-play app.
You can’t make the same quality of music as you did before without being forced to pay for it.
People now feel limited by what they currently have and aren’t able to pay more just to have the basics back that were free just 2 weeks ago.
Also think of it like this (I’ll use GarageBand as an example):
GarageBand is a free app and with the download u get like 20+ standard instruments. Great. U can make what you want and get decent sounding stuff from it.
Some people feel like this is all they need to make good sounding tracks. However if you feel a bit limited by what’s presented in the DAW, so you decide to spend some money and get some 3rd party plugins. Now you have more to work with and feel like you can step up your production and have more freedom with the app. You have a choice and are free to spend money as you feel your production level maxing out the capabilities of the basics for the app, but you don’t have to.
But then suddenly Apple makes an update and suddenly 1/2 the native instruments are blocked behind a pay wall. Well I wasn’t able to pay before, so now I’m stuck feeling like I am now limited by the pay wall and not what tools I have/ had available.
If someone wasn’t able to give out $8 to have a pack For Life, then how can they also be expected to give out $5 a month for X# of months, even more so for 1 thing out of the dozens they would end up getting?

I like the subscription plan and what it provides for anyone who can pay it. I’m all for that and it helps get everyone a pay check at the end of the month to further develop the app. But when you take away 1/2 of what was available to everyone and lock it behind that pay wall, it makes the app feel more like a waste of money.

I only want the original drums back because that’s what I feel my production level is at. I don’t see myself up with IVO or South or any of the top producers on the forum/platform. I just want to make something that’s on my level and build my self up from there. But I can no longer do that if I need to pay for more that what I need.
If i paid, I would probably never use 3/4 of the new sounds I would get because I don’t feel like I should be messing around with new things if I don’t know how to even make a good track and just adding a couple hundred sounds to choose from isn’t going to help.

(Again, sorry for the essay, but I hope that this can clarify some of the big problems people are having with the update/ subscription and the old drum samples being locked)


Are you saying this is a pack user who cannot restore his/her purchases? I’m thinking this is a user who has never purchased anything and now is upset because we took away some “free” stuff.


Exactly! We’re pushing more people to pay so that the company can survive. Otherwise the app would die and no one would be able to use any sounds, regardless of what they think of paying.


You should be able to preview all samples in the browser, regardless of whether the sequencer runs or not. This works for me, so if it doesn’t work for you, it’s a bug. I’ll ask Fredrik to take a look.


So, you’re saying they want expect something (more) for nothing?

Here’s a possible alternative way to think about this…

Auxy offered people a way to get started with music, introducing many to music making for the first time.
They did this for free.

Now, it turns out that some users, maybe even a lot of users, really enjoyed making music using a free tool, but it didn’t become ‘important’ to them – they didn’t get ‘the music bug’ — i.e. it didn’t become something they wanted to pursue enough to invest money in.

So, they stop using Auxy.

They could be angry that they’ve lost access to the free tools they once had – or they can be glad that, for a time, they had access to a free music making tool that helped them explore music (though they ultimately decided it wasn’t important to them).

The moral of the story: Don’t be angry that it’s over. Be glad that it happened.


This is the first time I’m hearing of this, so I’m guessing your specific device and iOS version combination can’t preview our sample format for some reason. Could you list your device and OS information from Settings > General > About? I need ‘Version’ and ‘Model’. Thanks!

If you’re not on the latest OS, I would recommend updating. Please let me know what version you’re on first though :slight_smile:


Yeah kid you tried out that Auxy with zero sounds? Lit AF :smirk:


Hi Fredrik,

I have the same issue on both my devices.

I’m using an iPhone6 and iPad mini 2. Both running iOS 10.3.2 (14F89).

I’m very wary of going to iOS 11 on these older devices. :see_no_evil:


Sorry forgot give you the model no.s:

MG4A2MY/A (iPhone6)

ME856ZP/A (iPad mini2)


While I do agree that it’s important to push towards the payment structure, I still feel that limiting those who do not pay is not the right direction.

I believe this isn’t a good thing. In my mind, auxy’s best claim to fame was the fact that it was a free music app. For it not to be the best choice anymore, that’s a disappointment.

Even still, pushing towards payment would possibly be better suited with more than an abysmal 16 drum samples. It alienates potential customers by showing them that those who don’t pay aren’t considered valuable anymore.

I think disappointment is a better word.

Let me tell you a story about Kleuren. The song was created without any sound packs to show what kind of song someone could create for free, and it’s quickly grown to be one of the most recognizable featured songs in the app, right alongside heavy hitters like aUstin Haga, Decruz and Otzsil. Now, it’s impossible to do something remotely akin to it because of the limitations of the drum sampling.

I respect the desires of @lenberg to move forward with this app, and I’m happy for what’s to come. But I’m also worried about the fact that I personally feel some things have been lost sight of.


I’m not sure. Seems to be me that people feel that Lenberg/Fredrik owe them something.

(Don’t get me wrong. I actually think it makes sense to continue offering the SPs as IAPs too – with only subs getting the full library, drum kits and audio import functionality and all SPs automatically. Best of both worlds and everyone’s happy, maybe. [I personally don’t understand why that approach wasn’t taken – though I’m not owed an explanation.]

I also think that it’s a good enticement/gateway to keep all OG free content, including OG free drums, available in V5 for non-subs. The ‘downgrading’, especially without a proper heads up, is problematic from a PR / optics perspective, imo. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that people should feel they’re owed something.

If nothing else, if the implications of the changes were announced properly prior to launch, at least people could have made an informed decision whether to upgrade or not, and a fair chunk of this angst could have been avoided.)



Perhaps they need to attempt to repeat that exercise based on the V5 free version.

It might produce something fantastic, or they might find that they need to increase what’s available in the free offer.

The free version needs to feel like more than a toy, just enough to get the bug – then the shop window of all the subs offerings — and the great tracks being made by V5 users — should help entice them to convert to subscribers.


That’s exactly the issue at hand right now. Two drum kits, only 16 sounds with just two kicks feels like a toy.

This is my point exactly.

I would say that people aren’t “owed” anything. However, it is important to note the sort of response people have when content is locked away that was previously freely accessible. As a case study, look at the response that happened to the changing of how shaders worked from Destiny 1 to Destiny 2 and the backlash it received. You don’t owe anyone anything, but I’d wager it isn’t a smart model to restrict content that was previously accessible. This isn’t a new problem either, it’s been around for a long time and there’s always been push against it.

I completely agree on this. I’d love to have the original soundpacks available to be purchased still. The library seems more like an additional premium feature, not something that necessarily goes along with access to the SP’s. I’d still say that exclusive SP’s are good as well, personally. More incentive is always a good thing.

Again, none of this is necessarily a bad thing if done right. However, the more customers that are mad about things being taken away means that less people are going to be inclined to pay, as they may feel it’s a slap in the face to them. Auxy shouldn’t lose its capacity as a gateway.

On an unrelated note,

I’ll see what I can do on this. Perhaps I could try to repeat that exercise, although I doubt it would be good enough to get a feature from making a banger track xD We’ll see though


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Even if I have a lot of respect for Henrik and the team, I have to be honest and admit I have not been convinced by the new version of Auxy. For me Auxy main quality and interest was to get a uniquely clever and simple tool to create and compose music very fast, faster than with any other tool. The first versions of Auxy where very simple and so clever… And I hoped that with the time this line would be followed, with simpler and simpler tools, innovative user friendly melody or drumloops creation tools, arpegiators or chords sequencers, and also live tools… but Auxy seems to follow a path to become more and more a “studio” with more and more instruments, and offering thousands of samples which for me is just what I do not want, because spending time going thru huge drum samples libraries is the contrary of quickly work and stay focused on music. I was happy with some sounds, but now I am confused…
I already made such comments previously. OK, I think I will pay the 5$ /month for some time, because I recognize Henrik work, and I want to give me the time to be convinced, but if I discover that I don’t use anymore Auxy, maybe that will be the


The thing is, it just feels like Auxy 5 is downgrading from Auxy 4. In the previous versions of Auxy, I could make amazing songs for free, and the payments were an add on. I was convinced to buy the soundpacks based on what I made without them. However, now that the drums are unavailable for free users, Auxy feels very restricted as a free tool. This could be solved by putting the old drums back up for free, or just adding more samples for demo to match the variety we got with the original kits. We weren’t asking for new free things in the update. We definitely didn’t want them to be taken away.

Auxy 5 is a big step up for the paid user, but a big step down for the free user.


Yes! Yes! Yes! And I’m trying to get across that this is an intentional strategy to push more free users into paying us in an attempt to keep the app alive. We knew that this would upset some people and that’s something we’ve decided to live with.

I also understand that forcing free users to pay is making people who don’t want to pay upset. I don’t really understand why you guys spend your time complaining about this though, unless you’re actually part of the free user group and therefore feel upset about having to pay now?


What’s wrong with supporting the app dudes? Sometimes you gotta give in life- can’t always take




I don’t think this is the right way to incentivize users to switch to a premium subscription. But that’s just my two cents. The possibilities of more sounds and importing samples is an incentive. Being limited is a punishment, not an incentive, and that rubs people the wrong way.

Wow indeed