Premium subscription feedback


No. Previously created projects will contain “legacy” versions of the drum kits that will work exactly as they did before the update. If not, you need to tell us!


But you will still have to restore your previous packs to unlock the original drum samples.


Indeed. A few people actually purchased the app when we introduced it. This was when it had a very different design and all. Unfortunately we honestly forgot about this when thinking about how to be nice to people who bought packs. And since you purchased the packs there’s nothing “taken away from you”.


It actually seems like the people who write bad reviews are pissed because they now have to pay for something they used to get for free. But let me know if you see anyone complain who had actually purchased the packs before the update.


We don’t have any plans to stop supporting iOS 10.3 so my guess is that it will work for at least until iOS 12 comes out.


Like I have said before, in my opinion, @lenberg the subscription is needed. You all created an application in which is available for free, you all gained the users in which truly enjoy the application and now it’s time to make the application even better but better, at this point, doesn’t come free. I’m sure I’m not alone on this.


I feel like I keep saying this and you keep saying the same thing back but
-I did not previously own/buy any of the AP packs. I only had the standard drums & synths
-I have already tried “restore purchases” but it said I had no packs to restore
-I have used the same Apple ID and never changed it so it should be the same


Then you won’t be able to access the original samples, if that’s the issue?


If you never bought any packs, then there are (presumably) no purchases to ‘restore’.


Yeah that’s the issue.



Hopefully they’ll actually start listening to user feedback instead of just saying that it’s a positive step forward and that people will eventually not be looking back. ^.^


@lenberg I just confirmed this using my GF’s iPad, users who do not sign up for a monthly fee have less drums than they did before.

Is this by design? You were insisting that people were gaining more with this new system as opposed to losing a larger variety of sounds? Sixteen quality sounds is not an improvement from sixty-four sounds ranging from ok to pretty good. That’s a downgrade. You were insisting that users would have more drum options, however if they don’t pay they have less than before.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for paying you guys to make this app, but you’re taking away things that were available for no concrete reasons here. Your arguments for it were “they aren’t good quality” and “it’s out of necessity”, and while you aren’t a major corporation and can actually legitimately plea that you aren’t making enough money, that’s not a good business practice especially on the heels of what’s happening in other industries trying to do the exact same thing. I still fail to see how this is a step in the right direction.

Perhaps it’s worthwhile to potentially reconsider this.

(psst @akabillposters can I get a gold star? ;3)


Definitely agree with you on this one. Auxy isn’t at the stage where it has so many sounds that it is becoming “clogged up” with low quality sounds. There’s not really any reason to remove sounds that people have stated multiple times that they use a lot.

Like I stated above, this is why I suggest @lenberg that you more closely examine the feedback that a lot of your users are giving you instead of constantly saying “it’s a positive step forward in the right direction”.

So I’d reiterate that not only is it potentially worthwhile to reconsider this, but it is definitely worthwhile to reconsider this.


I’m all for the premium subscription. :smile:


Is that what I sound like? :cry:


:joy: perfect


'twas joketh, my dude


Here’s the problem though: drums that were free before the update are no longer free. The 16 demo samples are not enough for anyone actually wanting to make music, and makes it seem that the devs are pushing for money.

I don’t know if this is a mistake or not, or if everyone is facing the same problems, but I think these kits should be free.


Hi Lenberg,

Let me give you some more info. It seems that you need to create a drum pattern first and press play on the sequencer. After that I can browse samples in the sample packs and tap on them and they are played back by my drum pattern. This allows me to quickly audition any of the samples as part of my pattern. This part is fine.


  • I cannot preview samples if the sequencer has stopped. Tapping on them selects them but does not let you preview them.
  • I cannot preview samples when the sequencer is running and there is no drum pattern. Again, tapping on them selects them only.

However, I can preview my own samples which are in iCloud by tapping on them with the sequencer stopped.

So what I would like to do is preview all the samples in the sample packs without the sequencer running and without the need to create a drum pattern.

Let me know if u need a video to show you but I was hoping to avoid!