Premium subscription feedback


In my opinion, @lenberg the subscription is needed. You all created an application in which is available for free, you all gained the users in which truly enjoy the application and now it’s time to make the application even better but better, at this point, doesn’t come free. I’m sure I’m not alone on this.


I noticed that you cannot seem to preview the samples once you have downloaded them. You have to tap on a sample then tap “done” to load into the drum kit. Any chance we will be able to preview them first before loading into the drum kit? Or am I missing something?.

Thanks Lenberg.



Assumed it would be. :+1:


Does this mean that any projects created using the (previously) free OG drums will no longer be usable, as they are, unless you previously bought at least one sound pack or now pay for a subscription?

Bearing in mind that it was a free app, and there was a decent amount of free content too, so kudos to you there for sure… it does still seems a little like punishing those who simply took you up on the free parts of your offer, which presumably was acceptable at the time (though not the desired objective, naturally), because you made that an option.

Even if you didn’t want to continue offering all that content for free, seems like a good candidate situation for ‘grandfathering’ V4 users who now fall short of the new criteria.

The fact that it was done without first letting users know about the new criteria means that some users upgraded without realising they were actually downgrading:man_shrugging:


No I already tried that and I only use one App Store acc.
It’s fine, I’m good with waiting for you guys to fix it.
I just needed some kind of confirmation that the locked drums weren’t on purpose and just an error


I keep on hearing that this was a free app but I actually paid - 3.99 British pounds plus bought every pack.

What happens if you bought the app but no sounds packs? Are the OG drums still locked?


Yes. The OG drums are locked if you don’t get soundpacks.


Did you get premium? :OOO


Not yet. Why?


Just wondering because you only know that if you have sound packs lol


@lenberg Maybe you should bring back the OG drums as presets. Lots of users reviewing don’t realize you can still use the sounds from them and are leaving bad reviews.


Well, I meant that you don’t get OG drums if you didn’t previously buy soundpacks in Auxy 4.


And still locked if you paid for the app?


I haven’t paid yet, as I previously stated. I did not buy soundpacks previously either.


You stated that you have not got premium yet. Did you pay for the old version of the app?


No. The old version of the app was free, but only the soundpacks costed money. I did not pay for the old version.


Okay, but the old version off the app was not always free as I paid 3.99 pounds for it.

It only became free in June 2016. Before that it had different prices but I paid the original full price.

This link shows how the price has changed:


Oh yeah. I remember that. Well, the answer to that is also no.


Ha Ha - there many, many music apps on the app store!:grinning:

I have another query on the subscription:

I am using two older iOS devices and both are running iOS 10.3.2 . I will not be updating to iOS 11.

Will we at any point in the near future be required to have iOS 11 to continue getting Auxy updates?

If later updates to your app require iOS11, will we be ok to stay with the last working iOS10 version of your app and still be subscribed?


If you browse samples they should always play back the preview. Could you share a video where you show this not working?