Premium subscription feedback


Are you sure apple does not allow it? Korg Gadget for example add new features in the form of new gadgets all the time and you buy these by in-app purchase.


Actually this is not true for me. Garageband and Logic Pro X still getting updated for free!


GarageBand not a great example though because it’s Apple’s own. They’re using it as a gateway to hook people into Logic (imo, both GarageBand and Logic are an AMAZING value, but I digress).

Gadget uses IAP’s much how the soundpacks worked. It’s actually not different from the old model at all. The difference is that Korg charges five to six times as much as what a soundpack cost. The problem is that the average Auxy consumer is not willing to (or able to) spend that kind of money on a new device inside the app so for team Auxy it’s just not profitable.

Also, bear in mind Korg makes a ton of other hardware, and who really knows how profitable the software side of the house is… a big huge company can afford to have a “pet project”

(also, not dissing Gadget believe me it’s good. I’ve spent a ton of money on it. Just saying that a larger company can afford some give and take on profit when they’ve got other sources of income, ie, physical hardware synths)


Yes Im sure you would unlock it. That is assuming you are around and available to update the app.

Im not a fan of all the samples being kept on the cloud either but I know that is done to keep the app size down but at the same time it allows you remove that at any time too.

How could we be sure that the cloud access would be available?


Raises an interesting question. Where’s the cloud hosting? (presumably same place as the shared projects.)

Is it CDN-based?

&, imo, Would be good to offer the option to download   e v e r y t h i n g   to the device, for whatever reason.


Yes it makes sense to try a different approach if what you have been doing is not working but unfortunately every subscription developer argues that their app only costs the price of a coffee per month. Now if all my favourite apps decide to go the subscription model then that will add up to a whole lot of coffee per month!!

The issue you have now is with your competitors offering a similar product with the opposite (non subscription) pricing model.


True. Wonder how the app market is impacting on the coffee market. :wink:


I used those examples as they happened to be what Im using and I thought Lenberg was stating that software companies were not providing free updates. Maybe I misunderstood what he said. Im pretty sure FL Studio has life time free updates too. I barely use them to be honest and still have garageband 6.0. I hated it when they changed it to a kind off Logic lite appearance!!

My other point was that Korg were offering in app purchases for addtional functionality as I thought Lenberg stated that was not possible and why they went with subscription. Agreed that Korg are a huge company but unfortunately they are competition to small developers. I have spent a fortune on that too but still don’t like the sequencer!


Ha ha good point :joy:. I have a serious coffee addiction too so this is killing me:rofl:

My local coffee shop better not start coffee by subscription only!


Oh lord, yeah that sequencer lol. Cannot stand it either :rage:


It’s fine if you don’t want to spend any money. You don’t have to. The problem is that it’s not possible to run a company if you have customers who are not able to pay you.


So that people start paying to use the product that you work hard to develop and keep alive.


Old projects should still be possible to edit. Old drum kits should still be represented as old drum kits


If you have purchased sound packs you could restore them in the Premium tab. If it doesn’t work, it’s usually because you’re logged into the App Store with a different account than the one you used to purchase them originally.


People who don’t like to pay for things don’t like that we removed free stuff. Apart from that, there’s a lot of people who seem to be happy to pay for the subscription, so we keep our hopes up that everything will work out fine.




While I’m gladly paying for stuff, it’s honestly controversial to remove stuff that was previously free or included as part of the package. Just look at Destiny 2’s lashback against changing how their shaders worked. Something that was free in the original was locked behind a potential paywall by design. That’s my only concern personally. If what people are saying is true, and there’s only 2 free drum kits, that’s a downgrade. I think some stuff may need to be changed if this is the case.


You can download all the sounds to your device and choose which ones you want to have locally or in the cloud.


It’s AWS!


If you think someone has a better and cheaper offer…