Premium subscription feedback


Actually, the original drum kits are only available to people who either 1) have premium or 2) got Auxy before Auxy 5

So all the new users only have the 16 “demo” drum samples to use (that number might increase in the future)

Their reasoning for this is that the old samples were of lesser quality than the new ones so they feel they should put some new ones up for demo (which is a great reason, but really? Only two kicks?)



@lenberg, I’d consider putting them back.


hol up, but i cant get the og drums rn : /

restore purchases doesn’t work for me either

so guess is a glitch for now?


Have you bought any sound packs?


Hope this doesn’t mean you guys aren’t going to be focused on making great packs anymore. The reason I love Auxy is because of the quality. The sounds you added with the update are all top notch, as usual


yea i agree. not saying the sounds in the new update arent good though. they’re still really good. what i like most about auxy is the quality of all the sounds; you can also do so much with them


Most people are not liking :slightly_frowning_face: the new system of Auxy (Monthly Subscription) …so making the Lite version with one time purchase for extra contents could balance them all …

And You r right :+1: in terms what to provide a lite users if Auxy Team develops it and I think all those sound packs like before and upcoming sound packs could be added with limited drum samples also in the Lite version…


I would definitely say that’s not true. It’s just that the people who don’t like it have more to say about it.
Also, IVO isn’t a developer, he’s just a moderator.


That’s true. I actually like the subscription more


Same. I’ll be getting it tonight! :slight_smile:


Sweet! It’s rad


You’ll love it!


No …it’s not that they don’t like it …might be they (usually Teenagers,Youngster ) are restricted to amount payable to Auxy every month instead pay :moneybag: for what they want to never stop their creativity
It’s not something Auxy Developers can’t do and their is no panic also
They just need to edit and rewrite some codes ( Drum Editor ) in previous Auxy4 to make it work and Lite version of Auxy ready


No. Just been using The (old) basic Auxy stuff.


I’m not a new user, and I don’t have access to the OG drums.


Hmm, my fears have been confirmed

(Citation needed) It’s just a theory, but the OG drums are locked to people who haven’t bought any sound packs.


That’s also what I thought at first.


yeah i hope not.
i’ve been using auxy for over a year and it’s really helped me be creative without huge limitations. I’d hate to have to drop it because i can’t pull up $5 a month for 'em (and because u cant make wubsetp & dnb with 2 weak af kicks)


This. I only like the sound of a couple new samples and they don’t sound particularly better quality-wise than the original drum kits. Been using Auxy for probably two years and I can’t say I’m happy that they took away all the drums. I feel like if they’re going to let you keep the melodic instruments they should probably let you keep the drum kits too. What’s the point of having an “empty kit” feature for free users if there’s only 16 samples to choose from? Might as well lock the empty kit for free users and just give them the original drums back imo.


Must say, I agree with that.

Seems an odd decision, to me, that they didn’t simply keep everything that came free with V4 free in V5.