Premium subscription feedback


How did you get the 6 SPs without access to payment information?

Why not use that?


I bought a giftcard.


I’d presume you could stick in the code for an App Store gift card covering 1 month (or the year), start the trial, with the option to cancel before the trial ends.
I dont think they’ll actually take any money until the trial expires, though it’s worth @lenberg confirming.


Yeah but the thing is, that i dont have any money.


HOLD ON GUYS …I think :thinking: I’ve got the solution for Subscription Based Auxy …@lenberg @Fredrik

  • I think Auxy Team should develop Auxy Music Studio Lite for those who don’t like or could not pay :moneybag: for Subscription every month …Who just want to explore their creativity like before …One time Purchase for Sound Packs and One time purchase for Extra Samples (not all samples) as it should be Lite version.
    For PROs
  • Thier is already Auxy Music Studio out there with all the potential with the subscription.


I doubt it’s through lack of ideas and options that they chose the new model.
I know for fact that a ‘Pro/Lite’ option was something they’ve discussed.

The new model is a Pro/Lite split model.
The issue is that some here don’t agree understand or agree with their decision about what to offer ‘Lite’ users.



Not sure what Ivo could or should do – unless I missed a memo and has sinced joined the company?


Haha I wish. I suppose I’m just a spectator at this point :grin:


The community you’re referring to is not really growing unfortunately. It’s also extremely hard to please and not willing to pay much. (I read some of the threads in the Audiobus forum too and I know Sebastian Dittman fairly well.) Although no one would be happier than me if this would actually be feasible.


We have nothing against supporting MIDI in recording in addition to programming in the piano roll. It’s just something we haven’t gotten to yet.


Just to add some perspective to that… The main problem with sound packs is that relying on them forces us to focus on them, since that’s where we can make money. Although we think that a more holistic approach to Auxy as a platform would be more beneficial to improving the experience. For example, if we would want to invest in allowing people to record MIDI on a keyboard, that would be harder to prioritize since we would have to focus on making sounds to make more money. With subscriptions, we can prioritize things that we think are most beneficial to the platform as a whole. I.e. you’re not subscribing to just sounds, you’re subscribing to Auxy and the continued development of the platform. Makes sense?


If we would have to “abandon” the app I think it would be nicer to unlock it for everyone, obviously. The problem is more that any iOS app will soon die if it doesn’t get maintained since iOS will update etc.


So here’s another perspective… With subscriptions, we can add sounds that perhaps aren’t as polished as the ones we included in the packs. Because selling the sounds puts a lot of pressure on them to be really well done. Whereas now we can steer a bit more towards quantity and release more sounds without having to wrap them up as packs and market them in that sense. Not saying that sounds shouldn’t be high quality though.


This definitely makes sense. In the past, each sound pack had to be ‘perfect’, because when you payed for it, that’s all you got. Now, every sound is payed for together and you get everything. If you don’t like a sound, you aren’t stuck with it and you’re able to have a lot more access to other sounds, meaning that it’s easier for there to be a larger quantity of sounds.


He’s so right. I’m a bit afraid to say this, but this is ruining auxy. I know that you guys need money to keep all this alive, but you have to consider that the medium age of the community is 15/16 years old, and honesty i don’t want to spend 5 euros every month even though it’s for a good cause…


I won’t lie, I started my first checking account at a bank yesterday just so I can continue to afford this subscription. Not everyone can do this, and not every parent is comfortable with their child having paid subscriptions on their parents card. So now let’s think about the ratio of People who can afford to pay once vs people who can continue to pay for a subscription. I’d say, looking at the age poll thread for reference, that it’s about 8:1. What I’m trying to say is while you’ll have a steady stream of money to continue to work on Auxy, it will be less money overall, simply due to the fact that the app has a younger target consumer in mind. @lenberg


(Emphasis added)

Fact? And you know this because…?

As for your assertion that this change will result in less money overall… that’s also conjecture.
The issue was that there weren’t enough ‘pay once’ users for that group to sustain itself.

This new model (and the development and features it pays for) might well help it step beyond the perception that ‘it’s for kids/youngsters’ and attract a broader audience.

(Based on what we do actually know about the ‘pay once (target) audience’, if it was to continue with both models, there’s a possibility that the revenue from subscribers will effectively be subsidising the ‘pay once’ audience. Google the ‘80/20 Rule’.)


Ok then


My only issue with the update is the fact that I went from having 96 total drum samples (just the original kits) to only 16. With the exception of two of those 16 samples, I don’t like the way they sound alone or mixed with other samples. How come, despite adding a godly amount of new features to give people incentive to pay for the subscription, you put content that was previously free behind a paywall? I can’t even edit tracks that I was working on before the update because they use the original drum kits, which I no longer have access to the samples for.


The original drums are not gone. They are still available if you make an ‘Empty Kit’ and select them. They just aren’t in the main menu.


I’ve tried using samples from the original kits in the “Empty Kit” instrument, but the app is telling me I need to subscribe in order to use the samples. Attempting to restore purchases didn’t change anything.