Precipitance - Devoid of Joy (techno)

music :man_shrugging:t2:
Possibly a tolerable song for everyone to listen to.


Dig it, definitely less “noisy” than your other stuff. I think there’s spots where you could have dragged out a vibe or two and maybe built up the pieces? Just to get like a real progressive vibe going on. There’s a few sections I was grooving on but they were so short :frowning:

But regardless, did enjoy!

I’m not really used to this blistering pace of 125 bpm’s :sweat_smile:
I’m usually too repetitive lol. I don’t know I did two other tracks at 300 bpm’s and 200 bpm’s. Either they’re to repetitive or just insane.
This one at 200 (this isn’t good just crazy)

And super repetitive 300.