Posts are getting slow, how about a radio show?

This is, really just an unoriginal idea ive had, someone else probably tried this already but does anyone want an Auxy-based radio show?

We can start with about an Hours worth of music following a theme, maybe every week or monthly, that can be voluntarily mixed by different people in this community.

The idea behind this is to give Producers and the Performers a little more recognition, and showing the full potential of Auxy, but mainly for the love of it.

So for example, the pilot episode, is 110bpm themed, continuous mixed by me, with songs from a few other artists that submitted their archived/ upcoming work onto a post, then selected and uploaded onto youtube.

Idea 2 is that we could do a livestream, a little more work and probably not as much viewership from outsiders but more from our community.

Its basically a unicorn challenge, but less of a challenge and more of a group effort. I think its gonna be really helpful, cause we could use it to learn each others music styles, and maybe realise potential for collaborations.

Let me know what you guys think and if yall are on board because I have so much details id like to share about this idea !


this actually sounds like a great idea! i’d be on board with this 100% and you’re fully allowed to use any of my tracks

Me too!! (Remember me?) and your allowed to use my tracks as well but only the trap so people can be lit in the streets. 100% I’m with her. ANYONE AGREE? :wink::100::fire:

All of them are in YT. Here’s my new project I’m working on.

This one too.

Thats awesome, but i want to do a system where people submit thier song specifically, based on the theme for that month, and the song has to be purely auxy (no editing, mixing in garage or ableton)


Yeah i do ! I want to keep the genres as diverse as possible so if more people are interested, id give it a run for sure

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Thank you so much my music is gonna be on radio

But we need lyrics of effects to make it on the radio

Here’s my YT channel to use my songs!!

We’ll see about that

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Sounds cool, I’m on board!

Im down with Auxcasts tbh. Maybe we could do a thing where we have 15min sets, done by someone in here + interviews.

Eg. Pilot Episode - Octave + your genre-based mix

-Talk about yourself, the App, Your Production, Workflow, What you want to see in the community/app…

-Questions by viewers, forum members


I like this idea!