Post your tracks! (tracks not made in Auxy)


Been working awhile on this one, it’s mt first release from fl studio and will be posting my work much more frequently now


Basically all our tracks after All Out :stuck_out_tongue:


although i am holding onto some songs that are made in auxy
one of which is to be released on Newly founded Label ANTI-FUGUAI


also maybe there should be a WIP thread like this cuz i have a ton lol
until then ill just leave this here:


I have a few more that were going to be covered by some guy but he never got back, now they sit in my laptop rotting. Might upload them to SoundCloud.


Check out my new track, Disturbia.


did u export a bunch of auxy sounds to a different daw and make a track there?


Here’s a track I made using the Beatwave App.


This is my first official release with FL


Yo Guys, Check out my track! I just made this account so it does not have that many followers yet.

Listen to Elemental by BRΔY


This one is straight :fire::fire:

Not my first in FL Studio though


Derp i forgot to post my Hydrans - Insurgency remix here

(First track done in Ableton btw)


Here’s new track I just released a few hours ago. Not made with Auxy, but I figured why not.


just dropped this, check it out

first ableton release so have mercy


I wish the section around 2:30 was longer! But for a first one I think it’s pretty darn good skipper :slight_smile:


You used Wario Ware Inc too!? No way! I still use that!