Post your tracks! (tracks not made in Auxy)


Yep, that’s why I didn’t go for the FM in the beginning. Can’t beat the analogs imo. Not to mention I’m not smart enough to really understand the algorithms of FM synthesis.


Song called DAW
Because…reasons…that I myself don’t know…
Enjoy, I guess? Idk, do whatever you want!


hey hey hey it’s ya boi back with a double (really triple) EP:

all of the songs in both EPs are on soundcloud too:

hope you guys enjoy


This stuff is quite good overall, I only had a chance to listen to about 5 tracks but all are really well put together!


My 2 Sp00ktober tracks:

coincidentally both are anime themed which was totally unintentional


latest single, experimental bass track:


lol mans got another track:


oof here’s a remix:


Is pretty fire m8.

But I do wish u brought up the synth & vocals a bit more during the first drop. They were there, but it felt like they were building up before the “end of drop” buildup happened (if that makes sense)

Second and third drops were really good tho.


Made with FL Studio Mobile.




new trap stuff on my main account, check it out


New song/beat by MackyJ


this song wasnt made in auxy

I really like Lo-fi :grin:


Hey everyone! I’m back. As some of you know I moved to ableton a few months back. Well here is my first ableton project, It’s not my proudest, but it’s something. Feedback is much appreciated!

And as always, hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Ahh man this is great. It’s chill but it’s dark, a ton of texture, I’m glad you got the issues you had earlier sorted out. A lot of stuff in here plays right into my wheelhouse so yeah, if I write anymore I’m just gonna be gushing lol. Well done!!


Futuristic love- MackyJ


Thanks man :slight_smile: tried experimenting with more ambient elements in this to create an overall dark n “moody” atmosphere


Loved this one as well.
Absolute class and artwork to match.



The “Loneliness Hertz” remix of “Without You” by Alterity - good chaps :slight_smile: was a lot of fun knocking this together, happy to be able to finally share it.