Post your tracks! (tracks not made in Auxy)


Upcoming from the “Cellar Door” EP. Basically 100% Gadget here minus the vocals and some of the cut up instrumentation.


cant believe i forgot to post my album here lol.
Duality EP
2 older tracks, 2 newer

Made in GB


also my entry for the HYDRANS - Wind remix album/comp (also Garageband, but stems are from auxy)


Alrighty, probably the last music post I put here, and the only reason why I’m doing it is because it’s for a good cause-

Cellar Door EP @ BandCamp

This release means a lot to me because all proceeds from the sale of “Cellar Door” are donated to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center with a 100% match from the company I work for. Fill my heart with joy by listening to what I’ve created, and fill the hearts of others in need with joy and hope.

I have personal vested interest in donating to MSKCC, I’m sure many of us here know someone who fought or is currently fighting. I figured this was the best compromise - I get to put out music I enjoyed creating, hopefully other people like it too, and any funds are being used for a great cause.

Thanks all. Keep doing what you’re doing, keep creating regardless of the software you use. Continue to grow, to learn, and hone your craft.


Status Red - Go [EBM]


Status Red - Danger Close [EBM\Futurepop]

Status Red - Attention [EBM/Futurepop]



Enjoy my new track - a tribute to great EBM/Futurepop band, Covenant:
Status Red - Hunt (EBM/Futurepop)




My entry for @eohr’s Space remix. (Made in GB, stems from Auxy)


Here’s some heavy electronics from my second SoundCloud. All analog synths
Korg ms20 mini, Korg volca bass, and volca beats run through GarageBand iOS. I haven’t been too involved on the forum recently this is the ridiculous stuff I’ve been doing.


Really liked it. :+1:
Not typical of the stuff I might first play on a Sunday morning. :wink:

Was thinking of buying an MS-20 Mini too.
I love the woody, ‘blowy’ sound.

Re: Tags
I’m not sure ‘Electronic’ as the primary tag will get it where it needs to be.
A general ‘electronic’ audience aren’t likely to appreciate the piece. I’d use one of your other tags - such as ‘noise’ or ‘death industrial’ (or maybe just ‘industrial’.

Broader genres have larger audiences. The trick is to lead with the broadest genre tag for which all fans of that genre will still ‘get it’ and appreciate the track.
For this track, I think that might be ‘Industrial’.

I’d keep all your existing genre tags in the list, including ‘Electronic’, and possibly throw ‘Power Electronics’ in for good measure, as there’s a lot of cross-over appeal between the ‘Power Electronics’ and ‘Death Industrial’ genre listeners.


dope. Sounds like some kind of unfinished Anti_negative track (mainly just because of all the weirdness & glitchy stuff, but not so much like an actual track and less metalic than his stuff)


Thanks bud, I’ve been on the fences as to what genre to really gear it towards. It’s more categorizing than marketing. Electronics encompasses what it is but I play with tags to kind of zero it in a bit.


Thank you.
Yeah, this track was more of a I didn’t know what else it needed and I sat on it for a few months now. It’s experimental at best. Mainly trying to get all the synths textures to blend well. The ms20 over powers the volcas which are pretty much techno machines (which aren’t really made for the sound I’m seeking) a purchase I didn’t think through too well. But ya live, ya learn, and ya make do if you can.


Re: Volcas.
I bought a Keys, Bass and FM about a year ago.
Seemed like a great idea at the time, but have barely touched them.

Would happily p-x them for a second-hand Moog Minitaur.


Here’s something I did in Playground recently.
And another.
This is just legit PlayGround stuff tbh
Got access to all the maps from winning this competition so I post em a lot
First one I posted as well


Every one of those was really solid.
Get them up,and out there.

I must check that out.


I’ve got the keys, beats, bass, and kick.
The ms20 is by far the most diverse and range of my stuff, I rarely use the volca myself. Thought about unloading them and replacing them with a range of pedals. More of an old school death industrial and power electronics set up. But I keep them around for percussions mainly and run them through a bunch of GB pedals to make them sound less like UK techno. I did have interest in the FM when I was more into the retro wave stuff but I don’t really dabble much in that anymore.


Funnily enough, it’s the FM that I have the least love for.
Turns out I’m not a fan of the FM synthesis sound.
It’s old skool analogue for me. :heart: :wink: