Post your tracks! (tracks not made in Auxy)

Made with GarageBand (computer version) ^^


Tru dat.

I’m thinking about switching over my 32GB iPad Mini 2 to a purely music production tool, focussing on music apps and the essentials (email, chrome, work essentials, …) and purging the rest, to stretch out as much music production value as possible.

(At least, I’m going to see if this improves things before I consider upgrading it to something faster, etc…)


Yeah, this is what I ended up doing. The iPad I got was only used for music stuff, period. Since my older one got cannibalized by the kids I figured I need to have something I can have. I ended up going with an Apple refurb, highly recommend (I’ve done it twice now). 2017 iPad 32gb ended up costing only 260 bucks after tax! Free shipping.

Also careful to make sure the apps I use are cross iPhone/iPad compatible so that if I really don’t feel like bringing the iPad and backpack to work, if I still get the itch the phone has everything I need to continue working. It’s been working out pretty well so far :slight_smile:


One I made on ableton before my computer decided the act of operating was a chore


Remixed Panda Eyes - The Beauty & The Lazergun
I built it around the sound you hear at 1:16 and just keep working it and ended up with the final result.


I just want some feedback tbh… I distorted everything to give it a raw feel, let me know how I did and if you want me to release it.


I really liked this one.
It’s the kind of locked groove I enjoy hearing in a club.

I’d like to hear it further developed. It could definitely benefit from a mix/master as it sounded infinitely better when I switched my speakers to mono.



You listen to this in a club?


I was referring more to the composition (locked groove) than the genre.
Though, if it was at 120-130 bpm, I’m sure it’d work on a dancefloor.


Y’know, there are actually nightclubs, where people dance, that play stuff slower than 120. :exploding_head: :wink:




Yep, caribbean stuff


And plenty others





I don’t think ‘…step’ genres are typically classified as being sub-120 bpm.
You’ll more commonly see half-step genre tempos listed at the higher, double tempo.

e.g. Wiki lists dubstep tempo as 138-142 bpm (as opposed to the halved tempo of 69-71 bpm).

For original dubstep in particular, but also modern dubstep and brostep, the rhythm runs at half tempo to add to that laid back dubby swing, but the general production energy level is of a higher tempo track.


well what about…

Drum and BASS?

nah jk


I haven’t been, but I’ve friends who went to a drum and bass club in NYC. They said it was pretty manic lol


Fifteen Forevers Ago

I Hear The Ocean

Last two things I’ve been working on for awhile. Under the hood we’ve got Moog Model 15, Replicant2, blocs wave / launchpad all strung together on GarageBand iOS.

These were going to be part of an EP, but since I’m transitioning over to production using Reason x Ampify I figured let that be a clean break and I’ll release these as they are.

Bit of a return to form on these :slight_smile: Pleased with how they came out.


This a old song I made in Fl Studio, I though I’d give it some recognition by posting it on here!