Post your tracks! (tracks not made in Auxy)


does anyone know audiotool


No, I don’t.


well it is free and possibly like fl studio but i haven’t used it in forever


Oh, I did see that.
I wouldn’t say it’s like Fruity Loops, though.


nothing really close but it has a ton of room for improvement




Audiotool is pretty cool, been around awhile. I find their sample browsing very hit or miss. Also, there is no way to hook up a midi keyboard without like a gajillion seconds of latency. If I’m already tied to a computer, you best bet I’m using something more like FL or Reason…


@icsleepers please help me with it


There’s some good tutorials on the site, and plenty of user made ones. TBH, I haven’t used it in well over two years and never finished anything with it lol.


Finally finished this Remix (On FL) I had loads of fun making this

I Hope you enjoy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This isn’t Auxy, but I thought you guys might wanna take a listen. This is using FL, as some of you may be wondering. After a month’s worth of experimentation, a real progressive house track:



P.S: I will be making tracks at a slower rate now to improve sound quality and learn how to properly master. Also, any feedback is appreciated! Thanks guys



You’re learning how to master?
Or do you mean mix?


Both, actually.



What DAW are you using?


Sorry for the late response.

I use FL Studio 12.




New track! A much better improvement from the last one. Hope you guys like it!


ayy this is stuff from my new alias for non-auxy music


New ambient soundtrack. Take a listen and tell me what ya guys think below! :smiley:

Enjoy guys!



I also just wrote an ambient track!