Post your tracks! (tracks not made in Auxy)


I use Ableton.

Here is my soundcloud:


I feel like we should revive this topic a bit. im curious to see what other ideas & things people around here come up with other than auxy stuff

Im working on a new dubstep track in Garageband rn. have only spent a few hrs on it, but its shaping up pretty well. just need to figure out what to do for the second drop


Here’s one made with GarageBand.


Here’s a tune made entirely in iKaossilator, I’m pretty happy with it:


Logic Pro X

Have a listen :slight_smile:


These are my best non-Auxy tracks - I made these on Ableton but I am now switching to Logic.


Live to Logic? I’ve never heard that one before, why? In all fairness Logic perfectly fine, so is Live, just curious


ancient, and made with wariorware inc.


These tracks are my two most recent ones made in Logic Pro and also the ones I’m most proud of [Liquid/Minimal Drum and Bass] [Ambient/Future Bass]


I made these on Logic pro x
But i want to switch to Ableton live Logic pro x is hard or maybe its not my style of DAW


I like Logic. It’s so nice to look at.

But, I use Ableton Live though.


Most of my tracks don’t use Auxy, so I’ll just give you my whole sc account. Haha.


Sorry, I didn’t see this till now. Honestly, I switched to logic because it
is cheaper and has no restrictions on the number of tracks


That’s true. Logic is $300+ cheaper.
But, the tracks are unlimited in Ableton Live, too.


Yeah was gonna say, maybe the lite version or whatever. But true, pound for pound, Logic is a good value at 199…


Actually, I switched from Logic to Ableton. No DAW on the market today beats Ableton at editing audio, it’s the ultimate software for d-jaying and the workflow is a dream. However, it is more expensive, and comes with less synths included then Logic X, but its higher quality in my opinion.


Not to resurrect a whole thread, but I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t promote this as an auxy song as the only thing I did using auxy was placing the notes down to export into FL studio. I would have loved to automate the tempo, but it was severely messing up the extracted parts from auxy. Which is quite a shame, it would have served as a good example as to why tempo automation is a feature that should be of a higher priority.


So many people say Ableton is good for DJing, but it’s actually really bad for it.

I suggest Traktor (NI), Rekordbox DJ (Pioneer), or Serato, for DJing.

Ps. I’m not hating on Ableton Live.
I LOVE Ableton. It’s my main DAW and it’s the best. Just, not good for DJing.


People like to use it for arranging their tracks for a live performance and are synced to midi controllers. But in terms of mixing and transitions it sucks. That’s why


I know, my G.
I own it.