Post your tracks! (tracks not made in Auxy)


i couldn’t hear a sub either tho


sounds fine to me :man_shrugging:


This is a song I produced with some friends, using Logic Pro X. It’s a style of music you don’t traditionally find here on the forum, so I’d love to hear what you guys think of it!


Very good track. There are some areas that could be better, but that’s not to say it’s bad. It’s just a little predictable. I’m referring to the rhythm of the lyrics. The words are fine, but don’t be afraid to end a line that doesn’t have the same note or rhyme at the end. You could always have a structure like this:
Instead of this
Does this make sense?


Yeah, it does! Thanks for the feedback! Glad you like the song!


Collaborating with @ToxicCaves64 on a synthwavey reaper parody of “I’m already tracer”. Despite the joke name it’s a legitimate attempt to become familiar with the DAW so… bear with us. :joy:


this is my first EP with FL

let me know if you like my newer stuff, it’s pretty experimental :smiley:


I love your newer stuff! It’s really unique.

Maybe I’m the only one, but it bothers me that ‘Insurgency LP’ has a capital letter I, and ‘defection EP’ doesn’t have a capital letter D… :joy:


just dropped a new lofi song, check it out


wow new future bass dubstep rock music very epic


I just posted yet another experimental/bass tune


My first ever Reason track:
I’m still getting past the learning curve for Reason, so pardon the cruddy loops and poor mixing.
Also, I only have Lite version so this song had 8 tracks total.