Post your tracks! (tracks not made in Auxy)

I know some of you use FL or Ableton as well as Auxy, and since there’s not a thread for posting tracks you made outside of Auxy, I thought I would make one. This works exactly like the other Post Your Tracks thread, only it’s not exclusively for Auxy music, but any music you make.



For a second I thought it said covfefe :laughing:




I’m with @nickhayes on this one.

Yes, I agree that the focus should be on Auxy music and the app – but not exclusively so. I think it’s a good idea to broaden out the discussion – bearing in mind that this is just one thread.

I think it’s a great idea to broaden the discussion of Auxy app as well. It can play a key role as part of a larger production process. I think that can be discussed, shared and celebrated by sharing the tracks in which Auxy was used as a creative tool.

That said, we are (I would like to think) first and foremost music makers. For some of us Auxy is the only tool we use. For others, it’s part of a larger toolkit. Either way, I’m interested to hear the kind of music produced by the kind of people who understand how great Auxy is and who use it regularly, whether they use it in every project or not.

There’s a great chance that Auxy has impacted their ability as writers and producers.

(The only condition I would set is that we try to be clear when we’re sharing a track that can’t legitimately be considered #MadeWithAuxy.)

I think this community could – and should – welcome discussions that are engaged with the broader topics of music/song writing and production (not only within Auxy).

Or to quote Confucius (as you do)…




Straight on to play #2. :slight_smile:

Love those intro chords. Simple and drone-y.
Great vibe.


Thank you so much

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Love the simple drums . Good pattern. (Less is more.)
Drums echo early (‘proper’, imo) dubstep (Burial, etc…)

Is that all Auxy? Sounds like it is.

If I can share two thoughts…?

  1. The bright elements that comes in around 0:50… I’d keep that subtle for longer, possibly whack up the reverb. At the moment, it gets ‘leady’ too soon, when structurally, it’s still functionally textural for the first 60 secs or so. Then, drop down the reverb and bring up the volume a touch, to bring that element forward in the mix, shortly before the 4/4 kicks in around 2:00.

  2. (I’m less sure about this one.) Explore different kick sounds (outside of Auxy?). (Perhaps this is the Burial thing.) There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with the one you’ve used, but maybe it might add some texture if it was a little bit dirtier, if you know what I mean.

Anyhoo, just a couple of thoughts.

it got taken off SC but i spent 20 hours on it anyways, FL Studio

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This song wasn’t made with Auxy but knowing this community, ill still get some helpful feedback. (Also sorry if this song is weird, i think i was high on tic-tacs when I made it :stuck_out_tongue: )


Check this out! I loved working with DREVM and THRPY on this!

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Really interesting track. :+1: :+1:

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Well. It’s all here, stuff dating back to 2008ish and things as recent as this year.

Healthy mix of Reason, FL Studio, GarageBand iOS, Korg Gadget, probably some other apps who the heck knows. Mostly FL and Reason.

This track wasn’t made using Auxy. It was a string remix of Cœur
I mastered it, added effects, and instruments outside of Auxy.

I know this isn’t a song from auxy or with auxy, I used the Launchpad app to make this. But I would love to make stuff like this. Please take a listen and tell me what you think.
This has loops, so I did not make that myself. You will hear stuff like this when I start getting better at Auxy. So I’ll probably be gone for awhile. Except this week. I’m posting a new song later on.

Viral Hip Hop-Tropical Original

I’m alright with him doing so.

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I use Ableton.

Here is my soundcloud: