Post your professional tips and secrets here

Everyone know some secrets or tips. So post your best here.Creating music with Auxy is fun,but with secrets and new sounds created by YOU in Auxy,that’s even better than fun! I hope you will post some ideas about sounds and even more!

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Well I’m not professional but here is a random thing I do that may help…Once I finish a song, I change the key a billion times to figure out what sounds the best. Each key is totally different and sounds awesome Lol. ( My favs are probably E and A)


I posted this in the Post writing and production tips (links & embeds only) thread but I think it’s worth posting again for those that missed it.

The pink noise mixing technique takes about 5 minutes to learn and can greatly improve your final mixdown.

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I do that too.

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Cool Lol, On one of my demos, I have three copies of it, each one in a different key because I can’t ever decide -_-

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I count notes

If you tell everyone it’s not a secret :wink:


Hardly a professional secret, but filtering out the hidden frequencies from your sounds goes along way to preventing muddy mixes.

ie: a low pass filter on your bassline or a high pass on your hats.


don’t be bad


To make the good track, it’s all in these layers
Lead synth
Support synth lead
Background synth
Bass support (optional)
And a sick drum beat

Anyone have any good tips on sound design? I already got some really helpful tips from @anechoik but I wanna get other people’s perspectives on it too.

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