Post your old but good tracks here!

Here you can post those old tracks that you love but are o l d.
I’ll go first.

All my old tracks are bad :joy:

No they are not

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I barely have any of my old songs left on my profile (now that I’ve bought pro on SoundCloud, I’ll probably post them again)

This one’s decent tho

Here is the first track I posted on SC. It’s pretty short, but I really like it.

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1 Like This was my second track ever made with this new auxy, the other one I edited and then added it to my SoundCloud under the name Ka-Pow. I also edited some of this one, but it is still kinda bad sooooooo.

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My new tracks are worse​:joy::joy::joy:

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these two have some mystical elements that make them magical ~ Our song “Wolf” ~ ~ Our best remix of our song “Wolf” ~ ~ Our song “Wild” ~ ~ Our song “Connections” ~

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