Post your odd time signature projects/ideas here

A weird project I threw together today inspired me to make this thread, so I guess I’ll start.


I made a song in I believe 7/8 (because of the accenting it isn’t 7/4) called Letter From a Friend. It’s a fairly ambient track with a big finale. I will post the SoundCloud link, but if enough people heart this I’ll release the project haha. (Not like bait I just don’t know if you guys care or not) this is on my old SoundCloud


Super ambient! Love it.

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Made a bunch. I’ll send the stuff I’ve got:

Semi-Lucid Dreams (YouTube)

Mugg N Bean Girl (SoundCloud)

Petorikōru definitely has a lot of fun meter play :grin:


How do you change the time signature in Auxy? I didn’t realize you even could.

It’s just a trick in the way you place notes, not a feature in the app (yet)

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Oh ok.

Sometimes you have to use multiple scenes to accommodate the time signature

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Yes I figured as much. Also, it would be annoying to not be able to use duplicate effectively, since a scene of 4/4 is either not enough or too much for the time signature you are using.

Hey Stardust

To answer your question about time signature, here’s a basic example track in 7 for your reference.

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I’ve done stuff in 5/4, 3/4, 6/8, 7/8, & 9/8 before


Thanks I’ll check it out

great track

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