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Hey guys share your logos and banners here!

I don’t understand the Innovation thing.
Where do you intend to use this logo and banner?

(If it’s not directly related to your music – i.e. just a side-project — then it probably shouldn’t be in the Branding & Distribution category, as that’s aimed at branding and promoting your releases and yourself as a music maker.)

As always…



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@LimeZ That’s sick!

Very recognisable :wink:

Well there is no YOU without INIVATION :wink:

It’s just my new logo and motto.

Killing two birds with one stone and also making it into a business so… yeah

I don’t really understand the motto or phrase :confused:

There’s not a U in Innovation, so it’s not a play on words/letters. It’d make more sense if it was “There’s no innovation without you”, because people drive innovation.

I’m just saying, I don’t really get it. I think it’s a cool idea overall but you’re gonna raise eyebrows without a little rephrasing at the least.


The motto is there is no YOU without INNOVATION

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But I mean, theoretically, some people exist on this world who haven’t engaged in innovative activities at all. They’re obviously not having fun, but as @iammane said, it… just doesn’t seem to make much sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the new alias itself is cool, especially with all the black and red and triangles. I just find the motto to be a bit unclear.

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Basically it is saying, there is no uniqueness (YOU) / (individual) without innovation (being innovative)

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I would make the motto about individuality and innovation because it means the same thing but also has alliteration

Which is cool :sunglasses:

Well there’s also this. image

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I… was talking about the motto

But that IS cool.

You could probably put just the triangle on cover art and then just be the coolest

Yeah I know. With the motto I’m just spreading the word to be innovative and original. And without being YOU there’s no innovation or uniqueness

For cover art they’d look like this

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Actually it would be awesome if you said “there’s no I without innovation,” because alliteration

And it means the same thing

Yeah but it’s not targeted to me it’s targeted to everyone but I get where u tried to get at

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Anyone can say I, but I do see what you’re getting at.

If I were you, I’d think that :bob: was getting annoying now, so I’ll stop :sweat_smile:

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