Post your great Auxy feature idea here!


I would love to have access to more time signatures than just 4:3 and 4:4 time. Since the placement of notes is organized by a grid, would it be possible to write the grid so that it’s scaled based on the entry for the time signature?


For no reason but I think it would be cool if the scales were randomized and the tempo was more randomized.


It would be VERY helpful if we could have a range of time signatures (eg: 5/4, 3/4, 6/4, etc…) and/or a custom synth editor to make our own synths, while still providing the current synths, basses and Drums as templates or Basic instruments! One last thing is if we could add a whole preview of the exported video or audio, and add a time bar at the bottom to change where in the song you’d want to hear!


Damn close to getting a Lorn-like sound*, but… Need. Micro-tuning. Now. … to put some wonk in it.

* Lorn’s one of the best sound designers in the music game, imo.


Made a track inspired by this some years back(sitting on my pc), don’t think I can remake it in Auxy. Due to my entry level mixing skills and ears, I never posted it😒.


Would be interested to hear it. :+1:


on the disco they should make a new section (e.g tracks and collabs, contests…) for polls


A bus is a feature I would love to see, having to change up the volumes in a scene without ruining the mixing is troublesome, a simple button to link several instruments to a bus would be a welcome feature.


  1. Was added, many thanks!


I think it would be cool if you could add two melodic instruments together to make one. and you could change to tone and reverb to both.


Would that be for convenience or would you want/expect it to sound different to normal layering?


I would really like to see a ‘solo’ feature added to the sound settings window.

When adjusting the sound parameters of an instrument, it is hard to hear the effect above the sound of all the other instruments. This requires making an adjustment, then going into edit and choosing solo, to isolate the sound. Then exit back out to make adjustments all over again.

Or perhaps an adjustment window popup that can be accessed directly from the edit/arrangement window.


I never thought how useful you ideas might be until you mentioned it


I think you should be able to have a changing tempo in a song.


This feature has been addressed by lenberg at many points. He claims that “nobody uses it in modern EDM” and it’s “not important”, despite many examples otherwise. It’s an unlikely feature to be implemented any time soon, unless modern EDM producers start changing tempos in their #1 hit banger singles. Which isn’t likely to happen, as dance music changing tempo is rare in the modern era.

Not to say that it shouldn’t happen. I’ve wanted it since I started back before Auxy even made it onto the iPhone. It just hasn’t been a feature that they deem important enough to implement.


You can solo in that view in the latest version on all devices except the iPhone SE.


I wonder if my thread merging messed things up a bit. In either way, I will go through this thread and collect the most common requests. Then start a new thread where I list these request along with my comments on whether each feature is likely to happen or not. Then you’re welcome to add any new ideas to that thread. :gift:

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