Post your great Auxy feature idea here!


Then I guess maybe instead of a audio channel maybe Auxy could have a transitions pack made specifically for this.


So, more effects and stuff like that?


I dunno 'bout that. A number of other mobile music apps seem to do it well enough, whether importing audio files or using device’s microphone.


Would be handy to have the track duration mentioned in the sidebar.

Currently seems only possible to get the track duration by rendering it.


Would be handy to…™

…have the label of the instrument you’re editing in the top bar of the note/pattern edit screen.


…when you’re layering up and tweaking patterns, you can sometimes forget which instrument you’re editing – as there may be no way to know once you return to the pattern/instrument screen if the thumbnails appear too similar to tell.


I’d also like a ‘select all’ feature where you can select all your notes in a loop. For example, when your building chords and don’t like the scale, so you have to select all of your notes and move them down a few scales.


There’s also the new ability for the apps to access files through the files app. Things could be saved to files or a Dropbox account and loaded up through that.


Hour is good for ambient chords and the entire pack honestly is the best one.


The ability to choose from a few different audio formats when exporting a project.


Is this still happening in the latest version?


Do you have a “Get Notified” button at the top of the feed? We don’t send notifications very often so don’t expect to get them for every feed post.


Oh wait, it doesn’t happen anymore :joy:


Nope. Once I pressed the button, it disappeared. I assumed I would get notifications, but I never did, even though it says so in Settings… :thinking::joy: In the three months I’ve used Auxy with the notif button pressed, I have never gotten a notification.

And, another thing I’ve noticed is that: Even in the latest version of Auxy, if I open the Auxy app and close it, then open out again, pressing the play button does nothing. I then have to restart the app (double click home button and swiping Auxy up) in order for it to work. This seems to be a serious bug since it happens a lot…


Others here have mentioned the same or related bug. It seems to have been introduced in one of the recent updates and seems to be related to how Auxy handles coming back out of locked/sleep mode if it was the front app when locked/sleep mode kicked in.

Others, including myself, find that simply going back to the homepage (without closing the app), then returning to Auxy gets everything working as it should.


Delay on drums would be SUPER cool


I personally think it would be great to have access to longer reverbs.
Maybe even ‘max = infinite’?

I understand that the current levels have been set to make it easier for typical users to simply throw it to max without really thinking about it - and still end up with a track that doesn’t feel ‘overloaded’ with reverb.

However, it would be great to have the option to drench a track in reverb if we wanted.


Definitely, coupled with the automation, like a freeze reverb. Would be a cool effect


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I’d really like a function where it shows the time playing over the track. Instead of having to keep on rendering the track to see how long it is. Is extremely annoying. If we could have the time playing on top of the play button? Or so where in the scenes? Maybe even under the title? Some ideas on where to put it ^^^ hope this can be added within the next update. @lenberg


Yay, it works now! I got a notification this morning for the new BTC :smile: