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It’s ‘

(…assuming you’re asking how to add the Auxy forum in the Discourse app)


Where do I put that tgo? In friends? Or which section


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Aah, my bad. I put the link for the Discord app. Meant to put the link for the official Discourse app.
The Discourse app will have a + button in the top-left corner.

Sorry for the confusion.


Oh I was using “discord app” no wonder it didn’t work. Thanks mate


What would be really nice is if while playing your rendered track, you can fast forward through it and rewind backwards, kinda like a slider. What would make this feature better than other sliders is that while fast forwarding and rewinding, it shows you the scene image. Like, if you fast forward to the drop in your song, it shows you the little drop scene thumbnail while playing.

It’ll show you this scene when you are at the part that plays this scene:
05 PM

Would be a great feature :wink:

There’s also a weird glitch where softening a note to the left or right of a normal note deletes it. :confused:

Like I said in a comment above, the notification button doesn’t work for some reason… I never get notified when a new thing in the feed comes. I provided a screenshot in my comment above showing that in Settings, Auxy notifications are turned on.

Auxy for Android? I know it’s been said quite a few times, but I have a lot of friends, in real life and online that really want to use Auxy but don’t have any iOS devices. I showed my friend some Auxy editor screenshots, and she loved the app just by looking at them. But she has Android. Auxy for laptop would be awesome too… Oooh! Even XBox! This change is quite big though, you can stick to iOS if you want lol.

Like Mr. Mooo said, would be awesome if you could move instruments and scenes up and down just by dragging.

Editing a SoundCloud description and adding tags while uploading your track in the Auxy app?

Another awesome feature would be to buy sounds individually… I know you guys most likely will not do this, but I really want to get Hour, but not the rest of AP-002… :joy:

These are my suggestions, but I’ll probably come up with many more later… I’m always bursting with BTC ideas as well :joy: @lenberg :wink:


Dudette seriously the rest of AP-002 is amazing. Fragment alone is worth it. Globe is a sick drum kit, Glue is a fantastic bass and I love the sound for Coin and Vacuum. Journey is also pretty good. I guess if you’re into wubs Hour is good


I like this idea*, but I have a question…

What would this feature add compared to playing the unrendered track in the sidebar - which allows you skip about by tapping/selecting on any part of the track?

* Could work like SoundCloud, where the playhead is static and you drag the pattern sequence instead.


Auxy for… Xbox

It would a decent experience with a mouse or touchpad (on desktop/laptop), but using an Xbox controller sounds, to me, like it could painfully slow, clunky and error-prone.

Kinect/VR could be interesting, though I can understand if that got filed under ‘Never gonna happen’. :wink:

Editing a SoundCloud description and adding tags while uploading your track in the Auxy app?

This one makes a lot of sense. (Fully) Adding a track to SC from Auxy wouldn’t be a 2-step process.

The app’s already hooking into the SC tags and descriptions API, so it should simply be about creating the interface in the Auxy SC upload screen.

(Wouldn’t surprise me if this one is already planned.)


don’t forget about fragment :wink:


Yeah… deciding between that and RAC Essentials.

Planning to get Signature Pianos as well :smile:


How in the world do you not have the pianos?! Seriously get on it right now immediately xD

Anyway, I do think that the ability to “merge” loops would be especially useful, even if I’m the only one who seems to think so


xD Just got RAC btw :wink:


You can’t go wrong with those drum kits from RAC


Imo, it would be good to standardise the effect controls for drums.
Some offer Compression, while others don’t. Some offer ‘Shape’ or ‘Tone’ (whatever those are meant to communicate), while others don’t, etc…

Would be handy to have Delay added too.


I think panning on drums too would be great, and I believe I remember seeing lenberg say this was something planned at the very least


Auxy is a great app that I love to use for producing when I’m on the go. The only issue I have is with transitions. I would love to see maybe the ability to add and audio track to your projects in the future. This way we could add samples we have or even add vocals to our tracks. This would honestly open up a lot more options to Auxy as well. For example, we could use it in Remix competitions from websites such as wavo or spinnin records. Also Auxy could then sell not only Sound banks but sample packs in their shop as well. Does this seem like a good idea?


maybe add vocals in FL or another DAW?
it would also be hard to add in samples without an auxy for PC…

isn’t that the same thing as what they’re doing now?
they have drum packs within some packs…


Yes that’s true but there aren’t any FX samples or anything like that that can really be used other than the sweeper.


That is very true. With projects being divided up into sections vocals would be very hard to add