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HI-Hat pitch

This has probably been suggested before but it’s a good idea


And vice versa – though group note selection is not enabled/doesn’t work while in Soft mode, so that would need to be addressed too.


If possible, it would be great to rearrange the categories for sounds (doesn’t have to be user defined). I’d like a quick way to know visually which melodic instrument I can use when I’m choosing them outside of just “bass” and “lead”.

I’m new to Auxy so it’s kind of frustrating when I preview a sound and I like it but then I find out its decay is too fast and I can’t use it as a pad or play it as a long note and automate it the way I want. Maybe something like a “pad” or “sustain” category?


Alternatively, if they added ADSR control across the board… :wink:


Yeah that would be awesome too if the iPads and iPhones have enough power to deal with that across multiple instruments without glitching.


Fwiw, I think it has more to do with having a single version of the app that has reasonable backwards compatibility with older iOS devices (with slower processors). (I vaguely recall Lenberg saying something to that effect, in relation to queries about a ‘Pro’ version, some months back.)

As for the MIDI thing…

The 16 MIDI channel ‘limit’ would presumably only matter if there was live MIDI in/out directly through a single, standard MIDI port using a standard MIDI cable*. Live MIDI I/O is not something they’ve ever seemed keen on doing.

Additionally, even 16 isn’t a real cap. That’s just the de facto limit of standard MIDI ports/cables. With MIDI over USB, there’s no real limit. It’s just about the routing the virtual ports.

(MIDI spec data throughput is less than 4KB/s. Basic USB 2 [commonly used for USB MIDI, as well as Apple Lightning cables] is around 15,000 times faster.)

The current Auxy MIDI export is (presumably) aimed at bouncing it over to a DAW, with no real limit to how many new MIDI tracks you can import.


Even for standard MIDI setups, any decent MIDI through box will allow for discrete routing, besides basic merge/split.

The MIDI box I have allows for a discrete set of 16 MIDI channels through each of its 4 I/O ports, so 64 MIDI channels in and out. With discrete routing, each additional port provides an additional 16 channels.


i hate this new update for Auxy! i still can’t load tracks …yeah i see them in icloud but why can’t i open them in auxy? i’m soooo frustrated cuz ther really important :disappointed: no worries i’m not mad at anyone… sh%t happens… lemme know wat i shud do


I’ve been watching a ton of Andrew Huang’s videos and I noticed how many cool effects he uses in his music. (Not effects like the sweeper, I mean effects like delay, chorus, etc) What if there were also effect packs for Auxy? To make this work, there would be a way to make a customized fx box (like the one that pops up when you tap an instrument’s name) where you could add up to nine fx. Then you would have the option to chose the default fx box or use a customized one. That way we could have effects like a flanger or distortion or whatever other effects exist, in Auxy.


What do you see when you open the project list? Do you see a list of projects there, or do you see them in e.g. the Files app? What happens when you try to open a project? If you see a blinking dot, goto the iCloud settings and find the app settings for Auxy. Toggle it off and then back on, which should resolve the blinking dot issue.


it’s not in the projects list but i see it in the backup list. wen it says click on version to restore it doesn’t do anything… also, i can see it in the export list, i can play it but i can’t pull it up to edit or anything … i tried pushin export again but i can’t find a way to open it to edit, etc … hope we can figure it out …lol


…it’s weird too that sometimes wen i open project list, sum tracks are grey and i can’t click on them to open. i’m so confused :thinking:


Delay on drums. Ta. :slight_smile:

(…probably been requested a million times already.)


Can you make a screenshot of your project list?


My idea for improving Auxy is for @lenberg and @Fredrik to keep on doing that amazing stuff they’re doing! Thank you guys for all the hard work on this app :smiley:


This is super pie in the sky, but here goes anyway. Everything as is totally rocks. If there could/would somehow be a synth instrument that would be awesome. Nothing crazy, maybe two oscillators, a couple filter choices with some controls. Some very basic effects. I know all existing instruments are sample based, so this would be a complete re-work as far as an instrument goes. But it would be pretty awesome.

  1. People would be able to create their own patches.
  2. Auxy soundpacks could include presets from the artists who create the soundpack.
  3. Depending on available controls it could also be used as a drum synth. Awesomeness.

Anyway, that’s all. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s great. This would be so elite though…


i was able to open project. yayyyy!!! i just remembered i had messaged somebody the project so i was able to open it from there. :grin: thank you for ur help :heart:


Having more slots is ideal!


Great! Although we want to make sure that we eliminate any bugs so that things work as expected, so I still want to learn more about the problems you’re having.


Although it hasn’t been mentioned in a while, i think additional time signatures would be a great addition. while there are workarounds, true time sigs help or are necessary for how i’ve been working.

It helps because when i’m in, say 3/4 ts and just make a scene using three out of four 4/4 bars, I have to rethink the grid on the fly to “see”a 3/4 bar. sure it’s easy enough, but it’s enough to break the flow when creating.

also, (and this is something i could totally live with) once those four 3/4 bars are created using three 4/4 bars, repeating the loop requires duplicating the scene instead of just playing six 4/4 measures, since it would play through all four of the bars before repeating.

i know that you can simulate 3/4 using triplets, but you can’t use that for 5/4 or others.

But true time sigs are necessary as soon as you start mixing time sigs. I have a song in 3/4 that has a 4/4 bar leading up to the chorus. That extra beat helps build it up. I can’t currently do that in auxy, but really want to.


I really love this app. i used to dink around when it was newer but thought of it as just like a musical game. last month a friend posted a link to her 12 year old’s soundcloud page. I assumed his dad helped him with the production but learned that it was all done by this kid and all in Auxy. He’s a smart kid, but clearly he was using a powerful tool. I realized Auxy is not just a simple app but a true musical instrument. Since then I’ve been back and I’ve dug a little deeper to get some satisfying tracks.

I also love when a dev is a) right in the message boards with the users and b) not power tripping c) super helpful. That’s the kind of thing that makes me appreciate the software even more. Keep up the great work.


I’ve been thinking it would be a good idea to have more variation of randomisation for when we build a project. At the moment the default key is always g minor. And the bpm stays around 115 -130 maybe if it could have a little more variation so each project gets randomly randomised with more of a mix up? Just an idea