Post your great Auxy feature idea here!


We’ve thought about this. It’s quite hard to design though.


I like this one too. In general, there are a lot of things that we could do to just make navigation and editing better, and we’re probably going to prioritize that. It’s always hard to decide whether a new feature is more valuable than improving editing slightly etc.


Is your device jailbroken? I thought those were extinct.

Aaah :confounded:. I really want to see inside those json files.


@AzureOnyx were you able to update to 4.1.2. in your jailbroken device? Seems like there’s an issue preventing people with old versions of iOS to update.


how about a way to change the tempo within a scene?


The patterns shown in the main area are largely notional. You can distinguish between a long pattern and a short one, a complex pattern and a simple one, but not similar variants of a pattern.
They’re not really ‘critically informative’, per se, being semi-abstracted representations.

Depending on how critically users ‘use’ the mini visuals, it may open up that entire area for a subtle overlay.

Additionally, they all have padding around the note area, in which a simple, discreet marker could be positioned.

A ‘purge unused patterns/automations’ feature would be useful as a one-tap clean-up – even if patterns had markers. So, maybe prioritise the ‘purge’ feature over the markers, but good to have both.


I think let their focus be on making the Auxy Studio best for producing music …


I think I was able to update my phone running 9.3.3. I don’t really know at the moment.


I was able to inspect some JSON files. I’ll get back into that once I’m able to use my phone again.


I beleive that a good soundpack to include would be a soundpack focused on hip hop/trap music sounds


@lenberg reverse instruments option


Bad idea.


Hm? Why’s that?


Because we don’t want you to mess around with the files and share the contents. It’s a matter of principle.


Ah, ok.


That would make some amazing effects


Ye I know right and reverse drums too


@lenberg wondering if it would make sense to, after selecting a group of notes, being able to hit the soft button and the selection is made soft? Currently it doesn’t do that.


I think that adding an accents button next to the soft button would be pretty cool


Audio would be great,the ability to record vocals,I could easily wait for the rest of the developments at a later date, if that could be included in the next release,well done on a unique and very enjoyable software,keep up the fab work and thanks.