Post your great Auxy feature idea here!


What blocks my creativity is lack of sound banks. I know there is a lot of sounds already in Auxy, but I think there should be more sounds. I also think that it’s good to limit because it keeps things simple.

I know there are so many ideas out there. The fact that I can even create a song that’s average quality is crazy! Keep up the good work.

Maybe for sounds you should team up with a sound design production company like W.A. Production and Loopmasters so Auxy can have more packs with more sounds in them. Just a thought…


Yes! I Agree!


I think you should make more sounds you dont have to buy but just in the regular free pack.


I was also thinking about being able to change the scale and swing in the middle of the song (no idea what changing scale would do, but it might be useful).


Hope it’s something I like. Looking forward to it.


Something I think would be helpful is to have the options of a list inside the viewing window that can hide all percussion, bass and lead instruments in their own tabs. Sort of like a loop minimize feature.

I feel that this would be helpful because when some projects combine instruments to make new sounds and there’s about 5 different drums, it’s incredibly hard to figure out what’s going on in the limited viewing space. A minimizable loop or minimizable group of loops by instrument type would be fantastic.


An easy one…?

When exporting stems…
…it would be great to use the names/labels of the instruments as they appear in the Project.

Some, including myself, like to rename the instruments to something that references their role in the track – e.g. Lead High, Sub-Bass, etc…

Currently, they are just sequentially named files - i.e. instrument1.wav, instrument2.wav, …
Even without custom labels, the default instrument names would still be more useful.

Exported stems should use the labels for the filenames, to help up quickly identify them* and use them in the next phase of a production.

* Not easy if there are long periods of silence within a particular stem.


Idea going along with what @akabillposters said:
I feel like the quality of when you export instruments is worse than exporting each as an induvidual loop. (It May be the in app mastering that’s affecting it). Is there any way to keep the in app mastering or keep the compression to a minimum when exporting tracks?


Do you mean audio compression or file compression?
(The stem files are wav format, so should be uncompressed. Same for exporting renders. Uncompressed wav is an option. …if you’re talking about file compression.)


Yeah I was talking about the file compression. To have it uncompressed.



  • Export > Audio = 320kbps M4A format
  • Export > …More > Uncompressed WAV = uncompressed WAV
  • Export > SoundCloud = uncompressed WAV (though SC transcodes everything down to 128kbps MP3 for streaming. The original upload file will be used if Downloads are enabled.)
  • Export > …More > Export Individual Instruments* = uncompressed WAVs

* aka ‘Stems’


What if you could put a pan on kits??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


It would allow you to add effects like ping pong to the delay on kits – which would be cool/handy.

Doubling/splitting and panning the higher frequency drum elements can help widen the fundamental stereo feel of a track.

You’d possibly want to exercise caution/restraint on panning or widening the stereo signal on the lower frequency percussive elements, such as bass drums, low toms and one-hit subs. They’re typically more centred, to get better cut-through and avoid unwanted phasing issues from certain listening positions within the stereo field, which can suck all the low-end out of stuff.


I’d like to echo the idea of having some way to hide/unhide an instruments loops and automation. When you get a big project going, things get messy, even more so with lots of automation. There would just need to be some sort of indicator on the instrument name to let you know that it has a loop active in the current scene, if you’ve hidden them. But as always, might be more trouble than it’s worth, just a thought. I’m getting by just fine.


What does pan do?


It allows the user to move the audio partially or completely to the left or right audio channel.
It’s used for several stereo audio effects and techniques.


What Is an audio channel


Please tell me you’re kidding. :wink:


right channel: right earbud
left channel: left earbud


Would be good to be able to select notes (for batch moving or deletion) while in Soft mode.

Currently not possible. (Not sure why, tbh.)