Post your great Auxy feature idea here!


Okay! Listen. We need FOLDERS! Folders to keep track of your projects. Instead of naming the tracks Album in the beginning.


This is correct! SoundCloud converts all uploaded files to low quality mp3:s. It’s a shame that they’re still stuck with that if you ask me. We upload high quality files to make the SoundCloud streams sound as good as possible though. I also think their encoding pipeline takes care of normalizing to a suitable peak level, so no need for special mastering.


Is a sound pack in development yet? IM SO ANXIOUS…


Yeah I find myself checking the soundpack tab like 10 times a day, hoping to see a countdown :laughing:

But I understand and appreciate that the devs put time and effort to make the new sounds the best they can be. Quality always beats quantity!


Just want to say, Auxy is great app! By far the best app I’ve ever used, and the slickest interface as well.

The only request I have is possibly a purge tool, to delete any loops that aren’t used in the track. Of course I appreciate and understand the value of not over complicating a program. But if there’s a demand and way to do it simply I would definitely use it!


The latest update adds different sorting options that should make it easier to find projects. We’re also hoping that Apple will open up for using tags that will help sorting files further.


Let’s just say that we’re working on something quite big in this area.

Predictions for AP-008?

We’re hoping to be able to make these types of workflow improvements in the future.


Can i download the update now without losing my projects?


Oh yes a purge tool for loops not used in any scenes would be absolutely amazing.


If you’ve already installed the beta, you can safely update to the App Store version. In some rare cases, a few projects have been removed during the update. Although the projects are backed up, so we’re going to release a new version that lets you restore the missing projects. Just don’t delete the app in the meantime.


Okay. I didnt have time to install the beta and installed the update and didnt lose anything :smiley:


yeah, just remove all the nodes on the automation


Is it a giant 7 skies pack of drums and/or synths?

lol no way that my dream will come true.


:+1: :+1:


its actualy just a couple o cats meowing with autotune and a phaser


This is why we need a purge tool:


Call the cleaners?


Holy Jeebus!
And I find it tedious when I manually check and purge unused patterns and automation – and I rarely have more than seven for any one instrument

But, yep, purge would be great.

In the meantime, how about having the app visually mark patterns and automations that are used anywhere in a project – so we could see the unused ones and manually purge them without so much fiddling and fuss.


I’d like a couple of buttons at the top of the piano roll to both invert intervals of a selection or reverse a selection of notes. But if we can only get one, I’d like reverse. It helps me compose quicker to be able to do transformations like that and then tweak to taste. It’s not too hard to manually reverse the rhythm of one bar in the next, but if the rhythm is longer, then it becomes headache inducing