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Hehe, I can assure you that we test various options and hopefully we’ve picked the optimal solutions in the most cases, although it’s awesome to realize that we didn’t do right and improve things over time so we’ll look at soft again.

We could obviously have a default setting for the chromatic setting within projects, although I’m not sure adding UI for it would be worth the benefit of saving you a tap for new projects. Perhaps you can create a template project that you duplicate instead of making a new one every time you start something new?


Perhaps having an option for users to select the type of style they want soft notes to be implemented? Such as a check box on the option menu to have “long/short/held notes to be made soft after x” where x is arbitrary condition. I’m certain it would help those who want a different interface to utilize it and those who prefer the original to get what they want too.

In other news, I still think an icon for basic waveform next to instruments would be nice.


Though I get the same automation patterns, I didnt get the same exact parameters when i copy the instruments either
I thought this was intentional or something so i didnt worry about it


Not a bad workaround. Could be even better if there was a way to formally tag Templates* and pin them somewhere quick and easily accessible.

Otherwise, depending on how many other Projects there are in the list, you could end up hunting for the Templates buried somewhere in the list.

* I note you’re not making any use of the slide-right/drag-right gesture on Projects in the Projects list.
Toggle a ‘Template’ tag – or simply to toggle ‘pinned/favourited’ tag? (With a new section appearing in the Projects list containing any pinned/favourited Projects. (If none, then section doesn’t appear.)

Instinctively, I’m thinking…I’d move Delete to Slide-to-Right, away from all other ‘use/create’ actions.




Duplicate    |    Duplicate & Open    |    (Toggle) Favourite

Though you could probably dispense with one of the two ‘Duplicate’ options, leaving the one that most aligns with the most common next step after a Project is Duplicated. (My guess would be that the Duplicate copy is, in most cases, immediately opened. If that’s the case, it may make sense to role the Opening into the action, effectively making it an ‘Open as Copy’ action.)

Anyhoo, I know you’re not particularly seeking solutions, per se, but consider that merely as the as-yet-untested contributing opinion from an Auxy user and UX professional. :slight_smile:


How about:
• more scales
• pinch gesture zoom in/out when you’re in the piano roll
• ability to name automation tabs
• Visible values for knobs
• double tab gesture on patterns to preview them in a solo playback,
• instead of duplicate(patterns), a copy and paste system. press+hold on a pattern to bring up the options, select copy, then when you go to create a new pattern on any instrument you can simply press+hold on a empty pattern slot and choose paste.

Hope those suggestions are useful.


I was just running into something minor today, which I think has been overlooked.

When you sort by Name or Creation Date, there should be an option to sort by size. That would be helpful.

I personally upload a lot of my stuff to my google drive to store for later (although I haven’t figured out how the “copy to Auxy” works, nor have I looking into it yet.) I also like saving space and deleting old renders from projects I know I’ve made better. Individually going into every project is quite tedious and probably messing with my cache.

I think mayhaps when you slide the “duplicate/delete” option would have a little blurb about how much space it’s taking as well.


You could always start your template’s project names with “a”


I suppose it would be useful if in the projects list there were a separate section that listed all the renders you have stored in separate projects as it is my understanding these are what take up a lot of space, correct? But also, not that big of a deal


I personally don’t like those workarounds but yeah that works


Will be fixed in the next version.


I’m thinking:

  • name the project _template
  • sort by name
  • appears on top




Exactly what I started doing y’day :wink:


When uploading to SoundCloud, can we have song file format options. I know that some DAWs have that option for better quality of sound. I dont my like SoundClouds MP3 compression and sounds low quality.


Yeah when directly uploading to soundcloud, the quality is 128kbps.
To avoid this, I upload a track to soundcloud as a private file. Then I download it from soundcloud, which is the wav. file, aka best quality possible. Then you can reupload the track on soundcloud via your computer with the best quality.


Fwiw™, (afaik) streaming from Soundcloud is currently capped at 128kbps stereo MP3. (There are no public plans to increase that, despite ongoing complaints.)

If you’ve uploaded a higher quality version, then that will be transcoded down server-side to 128kbps stereo MP3 for streaming. The higher quality original file/version will only be directly available to listeners if you’ve enabled downloads for the track.

As I understand it, if you’ve uploaded directly from Auxy to Soundcloud, it will be a WAV.
(Just did a quick test, and ‘Download original file’ offers me a WAV.)

If you’re outputting a compressed version (via Export > Audio), that’ll be an M4A. The standard for M4A is actually 320kbps compressed. (I presume that Auxy is using the standard 320kbps encoding/compression for its M4A exports.)

Also fwiw™, you can export as Uncompressed WAV, to your Airdrop/iCloud/Dropbox, etc…
side-stepping the need to upload and download to/from the Soundcloud account.

(Export > … More > Uncompressed WAV)

A quick quote from a Soundcloud insider (April 2017)…

We’re still converting into 128kbps stereo mp3 audio for the purpose of streaming. Every track that you upload, regardless of its previous audio format and quality, will be encoded. Hence, I’d recommend to upload a wav file to your SoundCloud account for the best possible encoding.

Fwiw™, a worthwhile read…


Automation to slow/speed up the tempo


question: is there a way to delete certain automation… let say i made an automation for pitch, for volume, for lowpass, etc. and then later on decided to remove one of those automation. how do you do that - to remove one automation but keep the other automations as is?


You can delete the individual nodes like induvidual notes. Just select the ones you want to delete, and then just tap on one node to delete all of the selected nodes. Hope that helps!

Question About Automation

Ok so while I was making a track, I hade put I some rests and there was a pulsating noise that was like a kick drum. But I had turned everything off. Is there anything that I can do to fix it?


Automation to slow/speed up the tempo

This needs to happen. I really want this to happen please make it happen ;~;