Post your great Auxy feature idea here!


Another couple…

  1. Please allow note selection while in Soft mode, and/or…
  2. Please integrate Soft notes as a simple double-tap (or something other than a ‘mode’.) The inability to delete notes while in Soft mode is a particular pain needless inconvenience. :wink:


Another for the pot…

  1. If copying/pasting notes, it doesn’t retain Soft note info in the copied selection – i.e. all notes are pasted as Full/Non-Soft.


This is true. It’s a pain needless inconvenience to try and copy/paste soft notes when they don’t save softness. In addition to that, even just including them is something I forget so often because it’s off in its own special corner.


This one seems a bit more simple: Could a feature be added so that we can edit a song’s description when uploading it from the Auxy app?


That would be nice if in fact possible, hopefully SoundCloud’s API can support this.


I’m guessing it’s not a major stretch to add it to Auxy.
After all, if you select ‘Let others remix’, it uploads the project file to the usual place, and adds a link in the description on Soundcloud.


Small request…

When the song structure sidebar is out, the main area is blacked out slightly.
Can that tint be a little more transparent – as I’ll often visually check/reference the patterns when putting together songs/tracks.
Would just help to be able to see them a bit more clearly.

Ta. :+1:


Yes, the solution might be to simply offer more ADSR control for new sounds in their tone or shape section.


Just thought of this one, but perhaps the instruments could show a little icon next to it depicting the main wave it incorporates? Sometimes knowing the typical wave form would be helpful in deciding sounds of similar form and such. Not everyone has perfect pitch and can tell what is what.


Reversed notes

It would just help my style lol


Idea: it might be cool to add notes for certain projects like in Apple Music memos


I think not just volume control, but like a master control where you can fix and do EQ’ing to your whole mix. Like lets say you’re high’s are too loud, well you can just EQ some of those out. Or what if i want to bring up the mid’s, there should be some way to do that.


It’s limited by CPU and we made the cap to avoid confusing UI in dealing with “you hit the limit”. But should be able to expand as devices get better.


I assume you mean new projects should have new loops are chromatic on by default. But how should we know whether that is the default or not, since it’s a per project setting?


Could definitely be improved, but it’s not as simple as using double tap to make notes soft since one tap deletes notes.


If so, this is a bug. Will check.


SoundCloud should solve this. They’re too lame at the moment.


We have some ideas for redesigning this to improve exactly that.


a page or wherever u can put it of music production definitions and/or basic words you shud know

for example: i had to look up inverted notes. cuz someone complimented me on using inverted notes well & i had no idea wat they meant. lol pretty cool


Chromatic by default would certainly solve the ‘issue’ for those of us who live in Chromatic. But, I’m sure many would prefer the current Minor default.

I would have thought that, while Scale is specified from within Projects, if it was actually stored at app level, and fetched every time a new project is created…

This would allow each user to set their own preferred default.

Re: Soft note ‘mode’
Maybe long press, then? Dunno. I just sense there has to be a better way than how it works now. :+1: :slight_smile:

Bit of A/B user testing, FTW. :wink: