Post your great Auxy feature idea here!


You mean a sampler?


okay then lol


I mean just being able to record sounds


Oh ok


How about double tapping to reset a knob.


For some reason, my instruments won’t have the same settings when I copy them. Could this possibly be fixed in the future?


Could you give an example of what changes and be more specific?


Settings like reverb, delay, tone, shape, filter, ducker, etc,


These should all persist when copying an instrument. Could you take two screenshots comparing the tweak panels for the two variations?


Before copy

After copy

I’ve noticed this a long time ago but didn’t think much of it until now. Hopefully the images actually upload.


Thanks! Anyone else who has this problem?


This idea might of already been thought of…but, Could there be way to change the swing within a song? Sometimes I think it would be awesome to change like the swing of each instrument, Having a deep swinging bass line with a normal melody! Anyways, thats my idea :wink:


Just checked. Same as @NYC and @TheRealJFalc

Basically resets all values to defaults for that patch (including LPF, Volume and Reverb)

  • Settings specified in associated Automation are maintained.
  • Having automation settings or not doesn’t appear to impact the stripping of values from the instrument itself, during copy/paste.


Yup, same


Yeah a couple times wen i take sound from racks to put them on BTC but it was last week and I already changed it.


This is actually an idea. What if y’all made auxy into a computer (Mac )app that can us e and save tracks through ICloud?


As I understand it, the idea of a Mac OS app doesn’t line up with the mobile focus of Auxy’s devs.

However, there is a small, but growing desire/pressure from the community here for a Backup & X-device Sync solution, which could be implemented in the mobile app. So, I’m hopeful about that one coming in a not-too-distant update.

(Especially as I recently spent a good few hours cleaning up the dozens of projects, spread across multiple iOS devices, getting them all backed up [each with audio previews] and organised in iCloud, giving me a clean slate on my devices/Auxy apps.)


Are there any plans to increase the number of instruments usable within a Project?
As great as the soundpacks are, I find myself layering heavily to avoid the stock ‘Auxy sound’ and I hit the limit every time.

(Is the limit effectively set by processor power/sound engine or was it a UX decision?)


Ok sweet!


To reiterate an old, but valid one, in case we’re nearing the close of work on a new release…

Please, please, please – make Scale settings persistent.
(I only ever work in Chromatic and it’s a pain needless inconvenience to have to change that setting every time I start a new project. For me, and presumably at least some others, it’s the rule, not the exception. :slight_smile: