Post your great Auxy feature idea here!


@lenberg, can you tell me (priv or pub, as you decide) what are the principles of making a sound pack for Auxy studio? I used to be an 8-bit Atari musician and a programmer in one, so I think there would be no problem to make chiptune 8bit pack with nes, Atari, Vcs -like sounding instruments, as well as drum packs.


You either have to be an experienced sound designer who have made sound packs before, or an established producer who makes tracks that people like.


Understandable, the fact that you are actively listening to your community is what is promising, a lot of devs don’t do that.

Yeah I understand what you mean, it is a lot harder than just adding a button here or there.


Well @lenberg, I used to compose music for many games in '90 for Atari 8bit. and yes, people liked what I have composed. They still do. I was a precursor in chip-music in Poland (I wrote music in assembler and some gihher-level languages).
Here you can find my tracks: (youtube link, movies made by fans)

So I think I am the right person to make some chip-tune sounds with your help. You could not easily find better, I am afraid :smiley: (and using Auxy of course in the same time).


Sounds really cool!


I was wondering if there are any plans to add the option of different time signatures to Auxy, as I feel like it would create a lot of very cool opportunities when it comes to composition. I know a 6/8 feel is achievable through the triplet option, but I’m looking for something like 3/4, 5/4, or 7/8 - which is counted completely differently.

This may not be a super popular idea, because electronic music rarely uses obscure time signatures, but there are a few songs that do - and do it really well. My personal favorite is Creep, by Deadmau5

What do you think?


My idea is actually an idea to be addd to discord. Can possibly in the future a poll feature be added. This way users can post polls to have other users vote. Either on taking a vote on which new sound pack should be picked, or anything else that could be used with the polls.


I think this may have already been implemented.

  • This is how you answer a poll #1
  • This is how you answer a poll #2 - lol did you respond

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Aha! Very cool. My idea has come true!!! Sorta :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: thanks @NYC


i can vouch for that

also Auxers is a pretty cool name


how do i log out…


just press the button? :wink:

k i’m sorry for the name


thanks for supporting my derpiness


I would like to see soundfonts. It would be amazing to import .sf2’s into Auxy.


It all started when I suggested the idea of a sound pack bundle every 5 or 10 sound packs. That turned into a feature in the app called Collections.

Something that I think would be cool (and aesthetically pleasing) for Collections is this: when a pack has been bought/restored before the Collection for that round of packs comes out, the bubble designated for that pack should be grayed out, basically saying, “Hey, you already have this pack, and therefore get the others.”

What do you think of that, Auxers (cool name amirite)?



Still going strong for team Auxians! @VanJay


Yeah Auxians sounds better that Auxers.

But what about Auxysiensynthesiansersenenthesians?




I have an idea, what if there was a recording option added, so you could record random sounds you think are cool and then make loops out of it


You can already do that by playing the loop itself