Post your great Auxy feature idea here!


They already have that feature wydm?


We need EQ,because some sounds don’t have much bass or mid or highs or sometimes we might lower the highs.


So true… it’s something daws include, why Auxy doesn’t have EQ yet is unclear.


Like for the instruments? They already have it for the drum samples.

P.S. you can make reverse plucks using synths like spray using volume automation.


Project browser


It does have EQ, the end user simply does not have access to it.

Auxy’s features are relatively fully fleshed out in this regard. However, it’s all behind the curtain to make things faster and simpler, less complicated. Adding in this feature for users would be smart, but it introduces complexity, and that’s not what the devs want.

In my honest opinion though, and feel free to disagree with me here, keeping users from these features makes Auxy struggle when compared to other solutions, when it could be so so much more.


I think Auxy has reached the stage where a mixer would make sense.

It’s really time consuming going into each instrument to set levels.
Would also be the ideal place for a simple 3-band EQ.


I am so happy I recommended vocal chops! New pack bois!


Maybe an option where you can share your project like a shared word document so you and who ever you send it to could work on it in real time. This could make collabs easier.

i know it’s really hard to add while new mechanics like this, but then again, they are all just ideas.


I feel like that’s require everyone to make specific Auxy accounts and to always have an internet connection to work tho.

Like how google docs n similar things work.
I’d be awesome no doubt, but doesn’t seem currently viable and would probably be confusing since you’re editing music and not an essay lol


Yes, that would be ideal. Auxy could be so much more with an EQ in this form.


Yeah, but if they did make an account service, it would work really well with the desktop version if they ever make that


Is auxy compatible with all of the other iPhone X models (XR, XS, XS Max), or only iPhone X


It works on everything from the iPod touch to the iPhone XS Max and all iPads. On the App Store though, somewhere with or near the app description, there is usually a list of supported devices if you want to be sure. This goes for any app not just Auxy.





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Dude, easy on the all caps!


Personally I would love to see Auxy make a couple of changes, as in more customizable features. I really want to be able to make our own sounds/change sounds that are already made with a “Serum” type program in Auxy. I think it would be cool if we could share the presets we make with each other as well. I want to hear what you guys think they should add to Auxy.




Is this thread likely to function differently to the existing feature requests thread?

…or just split the discussion between two threads (making it even more confusing to follow)?