Post your great Auxy feature idea here!


BTW, grain shifter is amazing. One of my favorite FX of all time, hands down.

All of these effects are Korg standard so you get em on Gadget too :slight_smile: not all as insert FX and it depends on the instrument, but by and large it’s this list.


I really love the comb filter ones.


Ok here’s another ideas this time,there’s less things that I showed there before:

First one is Sweeper Gating The sweeper don’t have a tone know wheel one right.Well Sweeper gating would sound like this:

Here’s the image too:

I mentioned that already.Comb filters BUT I have a special image:

I don’t have much anymore because I am lazy and I don’t wanna edit the images that much.


With that, we could make Vomitstep, the genre of Snails


Yeah aspacially Snails - Frogbass and I have that bass! I made it accidentally lol


So where’s FM and AM?


They’re in the modulation section of the synth.


A mixer in Auxy?

Could we have a soundpack of vocal chops/samples?!


I think we already have it.The pitch in samples and the length.We even have reverse


Why all this talk about simple and easy to learn? I’ve never said that…


We are working on adding more effects and more control over sounds to broaden the options. And as mentioned, we already have a lot of the tech already, although it’s not fully exposed in the app obviously.

Goxenar’s YouTube account

Definitely seems to have a lot of features. Any indications that it helps people being musically productive though? I’m curious to hear some good tracks made with it.


Personally, I see it that way since ideas for more complex features tend to feel shot down because of the complexity they’d bring to the app, less so how hard it would be to learn. Perhaps my words weren’t chosen properly.

Auxy currently has a very sleek, simple looking, yet powerful design. It’s always been pretty easy to learn and through the time i’ve been here, you guys seem to want to keep the design more on the side of “not too cluttered with features” that would take away from functionality. I can see that if you add everything that Xilmator mentioned (not throwin shade or anything), both design and functionality of the app would be thrown out the window.

It’s not always a terrible thing, Reason having audio recording tracks and vst plugins for example was a plus, but it went against what they were known for and how they wanted their app to function.
I just dont want the app to fall in the same trap as Sibelius. It’s impressive and could be useful, but it’s been so crammed with features (and poor design) that anyone would easily become lost navigating it.


Mayhaps “intuitive” would be a better way to put it. But to be fair, this is your quote from the app store that may give the impression of “simple and easy to learn” -

Glad to hear this, as this will certainly be a huge game changer for Auxy as a whole. What sort of options are you considering? From how the sounds currently work, I’d say the most important effects and controls to add would be a stronger ADSR envelope support (for note velocity) and more distortion options. Maybe I do know things that I keep talking about that I supposedly know nothing about ;3


As long as we don’t get a ribbon like that I think we’re good. xD


Auxy 6: Introducing THE RIBBON


Well it is pretty simple, my fourth grade music teacher had us use auxy. That’s actually how I was Introduced to it.


Wait a minute! I just found something that it might come like another dubstep basses, look!

Oh boy! Something BIG is coming!!!


That’s been there for quite awhile, shortly after disturbed leads? Or around same time I think


It was September’s pack, it was technically released right after Hipster Horns.