Post your great Auxy feature idea here!


Ok so here’s my great ideas.Someone probably mentioned that already!

So first of all we have LowPass and HighPass right? But do we have a BandPass?? So bandpass is basically making the highpassing effect with a little bit of timbering (I think.I don’t really that much of it).

Second one DISTORTION (It will be pretty interesting to see that on every single instrument (Aspecially in “Cone” and “Mental”) (There shouldn’t be that much of a distortion,probably SoftClip from Serum or something like that)

Third one is FM.Yes!! It makes a sound (aspecially a bass sound) a freaking powerful dubstep bass! That would be really useful @Goxenar would be pretty happy about it :slight_smile:

Another one (No not the meme xD) is Flanger basically there should be every single type of flanger: Flanger 6,Flg12,Flg24,FlgLH+,FlgLH-,FlgHP12+,FlgHP12-,And of course: PFlg (Phased flanger) HP (Highpasses) 12(amount of the effect) - (value of the effect).That would be very useful for future bass and dubstep,even EDM or Complextro!! (Future Bass? Hmmm, @Produk and @MR_ANDERSON would be happy about this)

PHASER. Again all the phasers like the flanges up there BUT the phaser should have depth knob wheel,Frequency,Rate,bpm,phase and the feed which makes phaser very loud. (Same with flanger But flanger has HLP or something like that)

Unison.Well this one is pretty important to be honest.Unison makes the sound blend with detuned voices. DETUNE however will work with voices,there should be 16 voices.

HYPER AND DIMENSION This one is actually from Serum but I think that would be very interesting to add.

MORE DELAY OPTIONS Probably custom rate and a LP or HP delay.

REVERB OPTIONS.Well of course there should be a knob wheel called “Verb size” and of course probably Predelay.Also “Dry” filter and ”W E T” filter

Effect called multi band compressor I know.This one is from Serum again.But that effect would be a great thing. The most important knob wheel should be TRESHOLD

More pitch space.More pitch spaces,up to 2 octaves!

EQ.This might be the most useful thing in Auxy.We really need a mastering in Auxy to make something that sounds pretty neat!

COMBS.Let me explain this one.Comb filter is basically a filter that makes sounds very CHAOTIC.And if your mixing this effect with a massive bass then trust me.The dubstep will be a MASTERPIECE in Auxy! (Comb filter is also very useful in future bass) They should have these options: “Damp”,”Resonance”,”Mix” and a ”Cutoff”.

Resonance Thing That should be added in lowpass,highpass and bandpass filter.

Chorus.This is also pretty important in my opinion.

The last thing is: AM.”AM” makes the sound powerful,pretty strong.And would be a useful thing too.To make some melodies more STRONG!!

I also have an idea for some dope heavy basses.They might sound like this:

Of course all of them should have an automation for it ;).I hope you will agree with me.Hope you’re all gonna have an amazing day or night! :slight_smile:



I completely understand what you’re suggesting here, but I honestly feel like that would be way too much for the Auxy environment. For what Auxy is, I feel like that many options in sound design would be steering it more towards a professional tool, and at that point you’d be better off using a professional DAW and plugins. I will say though that a distortion option with downsampling and soft/hard clip could be nice. Also most of the stuff you were saying is from serum wasn’t created by serum, they’re actually pretty standard effects. While I do agree some more effects and controls would be nice, adding all of your suggestions would be a bit much. I do like some of your suggestions, though!


Yeah you’re right tbh.But I really prefer the comb filters and the FM one.Cuz I’m that kind of guy that likes Complextro and dubstep.


To be honest I’m using serum and so far it’s pretty cool!


So… serum. You want the devs to add serum to Auxy


Can’t be bothered to find the direct post addressing this but I believe it was deemed unimportant by the devs. And you can sorta simulate a band pass with finagling the high pass and lowpass respectively. And since you mentioned you didn’t know what it is, a band pass passes the middle frequencies. Also, a low pass passes the low frequencies, and a high pass passes the high frequencies.

We already have everything on this list. These features make up the bulk of Auxy’s in-house non-sampled sound. However, each option is not available on all instruments, and very few of these feature any customization. But this is by design, and is unlikely to change.

If you want to be able to directly manipulate your sound like this, stick to programs outside of Auxy, as the devs have stated that their goal is to make an app that’s easy to pick up and use and doesn’t require much learning. Having all these options open to the user can cause confusion. If you want to understand the design principle behind this, research the changes from Word 2003 to Word 2007 with the introduction of the ribbon. I won’t go into depth, but it is really interesting and demonstrates the issues of adding too many features.

However, I do think that some of these options should be more accessible to the end user. It would really help Auxy stand out in the current market, especially with big players making huge pushes into the mobile market. Currently, Auxy is competing with highly featured apps that are eventually going to overtake it due to the features they will offer the users.


Yep! You’re right.But still that’s not a bad idea.


Maybe not like that but the effects are kinda from Serum, even tho they are the basic effects.


Actually I feel like Word with the ribbon was an improvement.

One example of a bad ribbon/use of features would be sibelius, a music composition/writing software


It actually was. I was bringing up an example of where it was used properly, and how it improved user experience.

I know all too well about the mess that is Sibelius. For those who don’t know, I’ll just leave this video here


Yeah it was more of a joke. But as everyone else has stated, it’s prob too much for Auxy and would seriously compromise their vision of an easy to use/learn mobile studio.

You could learn these effects pretty easily with Serum or an actual DAW, but on something meant for phone screen size and using just knobs or the current automation, it’d quickly confuse someone new, and more so if you had to tune something to a very specific measurement

Not like these wouldn’t be appreciated in the app, but again, the dev’s vision for the app is to be simple to use and easy to learn. Adding all this stuff would just be clutter


Oh lol wups. Misinterpreted that


No worries xD should of been a bit clearer with the wording. The video I posted also brings up the good design a ribbon can actually do, and that’s what I was referencing when I made my post to begin with.


There’s a good smathering of wavetable synths on iOS. I doubt it’s something coming to Auxy anytime soon. KORG Electribe Wave is primarily concerned with wavetable synthesis and has all the FX trimmings, PPG Infinite and Wavetable. There’s even awesome grain synth options available (Quanta comes to mind).

Anywho, gotta agree with @Eswyn if there’s too many features it kind of defeats the point of Auxy. It’s supposed to be something you can create a whole track in, but also can be leveraged as a scratch pad. Balancing power user feature requests and keeping things simple for new users / casual folks will always be a struggle.


I think I did too much but you know, they’re suggestions.Some of them might be there or not.


This is perfect, I’d very much love the ability to do all of this. I know Auxy’s got some crazy good things coming. We just gotta be patient. Super excited for what we’re gonna get this year!

please let it be Distorted Leads 2


That would be a pretty good idea!


You’ve basically descibed Electribe Wave by Korg.

Well worth a look for anybody hitting the ceiling of Auxy.


Does it have a comb filter?



It has 29 bundled FX including a comb filter.

If you’re into bass music, KEW is hard to beat.