Post your great Auxy feature idea here!


With all due respect, etc…

Can’t recall any that do switching to radio silence without some kind of proper announcement or at least some level of proper skeletal engagement.

Similarly, can’t think of any that do that are still so opaque on the outcomes of said discussions.

(The fact that you’re the owner is incidental. You’re presumably also Head of PR, Head of Marketing, Community Manager, etc…)


I call it as I see it.
When was the last time you spoke about innovation in Auxy?

Frustrated users are a fact of doing business, especially when that frustration might be justified.

Sarcasm from business to user is never a good look.


If it’s a really big ask, then I understand the reluctance.
I do kinda geddit, supporting ‘niche’ features can be a bit of a rabbit hole. But imo, it’s still a shame that you’re waiting for something that’s been repeatedly requested to become mainstream before supporting it.

No interest in supporting Auxy users doing more than copying established techniques? Maybe one of them/us might be the maker to make tempo changes a breakthrough thing?

Wasn’t revolutionising music making or ‘firsts’ part of the original mission statement? :wink:
(I forget the actual wording.)

(not the worlds best track, but i enjoy the wonky riddim-ness and the tempo change was pretty cool)

Also a good number of speedcore tracks do some kind of tempo change, usually it’s just halftime or double time or something not too complicated tho

The tempo changes make this song super unique, (near the end)

BTW, If we can’t get tempo automation, can we get the ability to change the BPM for different scenes?


That would be the best compromise to be completely honest. I’d be so happy with that.

Also, as an aid to demonstrate what tempo automation can introduce in an Auxy setting, after a whole lot of fanagaling with FL Studio plugins and slicex I was able to automate a song to demonstrate why tempo automation would be a good thing. Keep in mind there’s also a lot of post-auxy processing on it as well (reverbreverbreverbreverb), but they’re all from Auxy.


“Just close your eyes” by Notaker


o no its him


I’d have to respectfully disagree here–the majority of companies take customer feedback and suggestions extremely seriously, usually hiring dedicated PR teams to gather what their clients have to say to act on it in the future.

In the case of a smaller company such as AuxyCo, the importance of customer relations doesn’t decrease regardless of the fact that there doesn’t exist a dedicated team to manage it. Besides, we’re not talking about discussing “all aspects of of their product with users”, but rather keeping an open pipeline of communication with your paying users.

While it hasn’t really been brought up too much (yet at least), taking a 2+ month hiatus with zero communication and then sort of sliding back into daily business (a couple retweets here, a couple disco edits there) is no way to cultivate faith from a consumer base. It’s understandable that everybody has personal obligations to take care of, but even taking literally 3-5 minutes to write up a quick, official post to the community about what’s the state of both yourself and the app would prevent weeks of arbitrary speculation.

Long story short, nobody’s talking about giving users 100% of the say on what comes next in the app. However, as @akabillposters said, why disregard recurring feature requests as either “not requested enough” or “compromising some core feature of the app”, be it the acclaimed simplicity or usability?

Popularly requested features or keeping the decisions purely in the developers hands is one route. But as Bruce Temkin says, “Don’t waste customers’ time asking them questions unless you are prepared to act on what they say.”


If you want an example of what happens when you don’t have a dedicated PR team, look no further than Niantic. And i’m not trying to be sarcastic or joking around here either. I remember how it was, pretty sure everyone does.


@lenberg what’s your current thinking on live recording with a built in keyboard or pad type thing? Or I suppose others would prefer midi IN, but I’d like to keep it all in the same box


Or bothhhhhh :slight_smile:


i think that would be something pretty cool, only problem i see is that Auxy is strictly limited to certain note lengths broken up in their respective intervals, so if you were to do midi in, it would all have to be randomly quantized into 1/16,1/32,1/12 or 1/24 notes


Fine with me. Just choose a quantization value from the grid values. Doesn’t have to be random at all. Better than no live recording. Also, 32nd notes, which we have, is pretty loose.


@TheRealJFalc told me Runner and Cinema use stereo expanders that prevent panning


Apparently I am spreading information I know nothing about, so don’t take my word for it.

Then again… when were they supposedly fixed? It’s been like that since Auxy 4… I wonder when they were supposed to be pushed to the server.


I bet you’ve heard plenty, but perhaps you don’t think of them as using tempo modulation (and, equally likely) you’re only thinking of electronic dance music.

If you’ve regularly enjoyed listening to piano pieces, then you’ve most certainly heard tempo changes. They’re sometimes subtle, sometimes more overt.

I’m not talking about the human ‘imperfect’ tempo, but purposeful quickening or slowing of passages.

So, aside from the electronic music makers in the Auxy crowd, makers of piano pieces are another immediate beneficiary of support for tempo automation.


I think in this case it would be better to change the timing of the delay instead of the whole track, but maybe that doesn’t create the same effect. The delay is something we might open up some more settings for in either way.


Everyone is welcome to share their view on Auxy. They can love it or hate it, decide to pay for it or not. Share constructive feedback and expect to be heard.

I’m doing my best to encourage and acknowledge people’s input. I’m also doing my best to openly share our views and give feedback. My feedback will always be honest though, even if it means we’re going against people’s opinions.

I’m not offended by negative criticism. There’s always something to learn from it and it’s encouraging to hear that people care enough about what we do to make the effort to tell us how we can improve.

What makes me really upset though is when you go out of your ways to flip things we do/say into something negative and spin up theories along the lines of Auxy doesn’t have an interest in innovating. All I’m hearing is a lack of humbleness for how hard it is to build a product and run a business. And you come across as having very little interest in helping us succeed. Quite the opposite.

So I encourage you to continue to share your thought-through feedback here, but you’ll have to take your conspiracy theories and negative sentiments elsewhere. Thanks!


Sure, but it sounds more like an intro than a track to me. And to emphasize, my point is not that tempo changes couldn’t be utilized in music, it’s just that it’s a niche feature compared to other things we could do to help people make better tracks. Like e.g. invest in support for audio loops. It’s easier to make the argument that there are lots of good tracks using sampled loops etc. Just to make one example.


Indeed, which is why we always maintain a quick email support for everyone.


I tend to agree since the majority of people don’t carry around a MIDI keyboard in their pockets. If you have onboard recording it’s a fairly small step to support external keyboards though. And, as I’ve told you before, I would be very excited about supporting live recording features, but it would be a big undertaking the way things are built now.