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Mm, I usually start with drums so maybe that’s why I don’t miss a metronome. Makes sense!


Proper copy/paste (i.e. with a persistent clipboard).
This would allow us to copy/paste note patterns between patterns, rather than only within the same pattern.

e.g. ’the notes/pattern from the first 4 bars of that loop would go great followed by the last 4 bars of that other loop.’


Favourited items permanently cached on the device (to avoid cache flush/iCloud issues).


We have a very similar “mastering stage” setup as Grand Finale, but we obviously don’t give people the option to adjust these things. We have been talking about making a couple of different “mastering presets” though, or as in their case, simplified controls.


Not really. Grand Finale even has a gain trim for the input signal.


Not possible to fix.


Thought we fixed this but apparently not. Will check again.


Please stop making up complicated answers to things you have no idea about!

We have updated the sounds so that they should all pan properly, but for some reason it seems like the new updated versions are not on the server.

Kiss cannot pitch because the sound is created by a “keyboard following resonance in the filter”, and the pitch only affects the actual oscillator pitch.


I think this is something that should really be in the SoundCloud app by now. I mean, their team is at least 10x the size of Auxy’s.


Good stuff! We’ve been experimenting with similar things.


Can’t really say that I’ve heard of many owners of companies that have consistently and openly discussed all aspects of their product with users.


:open_mouth: it all makes sense now


Could you share some track links?


What a lovely comment. Thank you!

  1. No!
  2. Yes.
  3. We think it would be great to have different time signatures, but as I’ve said before, it would require a lot (!) of work to add it. I.e. not just an extra button. So in deciding what to do next, you balance the cost vs. added value.

We don’t see a real need for tempo changes though. Never heard a good track using tempo changes, except “French Kiss”. But welcome to send some more examples!


Yeah it’s a shame iCloud works so poorly. We’ll have to work on improving this somehow.


Personally, I’ve only used tempo automation to manipulate delay on synths during a transition. You get a REALLY nice smearing effect as the tempo goes down or up, the delay (if it’s locked to tempo) has to adjust to compensate. It’s pretty trippy.

You can kind of achieve the same thing by riding time and feedback on delay itself, I do this A LOT on drums usually to get little beat repeat effects (it’s not a beat repeat straight though, because you get the artifacts of the delay time changing).

Is this worth being able to automate it? I don’t know. That’s just my two pence and use case.


@TheRealJFalc already told me this


Do you know when they will be on the server?


Not sure of the real relevance. (The output from the SC dev team is underwhelming. No question there. The Soundcloud app doesn’t appear to be aimed at music makers, but more at listeners. After all, where’s the new track upload feature? It’s ironic that you can push to SC using 3rd-party mobile apps, but can’t upload directly using the SC mobile app.)

It’s clearly possibly for Auxy already, as you’re automatically adding #Auxy.

Surely it’s ‘simply’ a matter of offering users a UI/field for them to enter additional strings to be added as tags as part of the push to SC.