Post your great Auxy feature idea here!


Yeah not sure if this would be considered because of the 1k something replies, but whatever.

My idea, although it could be considered somewhat stupid and at this point, low priority, would be to add the ability to make “tracks”. So, you could make a track and label it as the bass, then expand that, and add in the 2-4 instruments that make up the bass of the track, and then put in all of your loops and whatnot. Then, you could just close it and the “track” would count as 1 instrument, rather than 2-4, depending on how many basses you use. (This is like a folder system, in practice, for instruments.)

In theory, this would let you have more than 20 instruments combined within all of the “tracks”, and as a result, render times would probably skyrocket. maybe, the total number of all instruments within all of the “tracks” could still be limited to 20, but you would have the ability to expand and contract each of the “tracks”, thereby providing more organization.

Also, another thing that I would love is a way to quickly delete extra loops. I often find that I duplicate loops to edit them so I don’t lose any previous edits in case the new ones didn’t work out. Afterwards, I use 2-5 of the loops from the instrument, but I have like 20 other ones that I don’t need and am not using. Maybe something similar to the “move” mode, but for deleting. Right now, I find that it’s a pain in the neck to go to each one, hold it down, and then hit the delete and then confirm.

Those are just my suggestions, hopefully they could be taken into consideration as small things for later.


I want a feature where u can select multiple loops to move or delete


A folder system for sorting all of your tracks, especially when you have way too many and you don’t really want to delete some of them, would be especially helpful, so I don’t have to give each track some sort of label in its name.


I couldn’t agree more


That’s something I’d want as well; it could be based off iOS 11’s multiple app moving feature, where you first take an app, and use a second finger to select more apps to move at once (very useful time saving feature not most people know about!), and to delete those loops, you’d drag them to a little trash can in a corner, and a dialogue box would ask if you want to really delete them.


I am sorry if this topic has been brought up in the past. I tried to search for it and couldn’t find it.

So I’m finally starting to port my massive sample library over to the proper Auxy folder in iCloud (for which I pay $9.99/month for). The first thing I noticed that’s strange is I can’t move folders and subfolders over to the main Auxy folder but rather I have to hand-create each new folder and can only move the .wav files over. This is quite cumbersome indeed.

Then in the Auxy app when accessing custom samples via the drums instrument, after entering a directory through the top folder, all of the samples contained within that folder and all the sub folders are laid out at once. Some of my sample packs contain 1000+ samples (Sounds of KSHMR Vol 3 having over 4000+ samples). Right now, I’m required to scroll and scroll and scroll. Is there no way to program Auxy with subfolder diving instead (like what iCloud has)?

Trust me when I say, I don’t normally bother with subscription apps, but Auxy is so good and I’m so passionate about it, I pay monthly. I’m hoping you can fix these issues so the workflow can be streamlined better. :slight_smile: Cheers.


Yeah… actual Files integration would be sweet. From what I remember, like you describe, you have Auxy/Samples and then can have a bunch of folders in there, BUT, once you go one level down past that 3rd folder structure, it’s totally flat. Files integration would solve this I believe (not even expecting an implementation as good as say, GarageBand’s, but something…)

Anyways, I guess we’ll see. I’m going to move this over to the feature thread I think that’s probably where this belongs.


Does @lenberg read this thread from time to time mate? :slight_smile:


Lenberg hasn’t really been around, Fredrik popped in a couple times. This place is really as good as any aside from a DM


you might be able to use a Terminal command to copy/move your files


That sounds intriguing. What is a terminal command? :slight_smile:


It’s pretty much a way to control your mac with code and scripts. It’s actually a lot easier to learn than I though (I’ve been writing some scripts for my work)


I have an idea.

A pack of EDM synths and basses in pack called:
Super Sweep Synths. Super cool synths with white noise/ sweeper effect.


Actually, just load a new melodic instrument, select “Original Sounds”, scroll down, and select “Sweeper”. Then automate the hipass and lowpass filters, crank up the ducking, add a touch of delay and a splash of reverb, and voila! Instant sweeper. :wink:


I think @Xlimator means more of synths that sound like spray(?)





No explanation needed.


Without a playing surface or the ability to hook up a keyboard why do we need a metronome? Just wondering


For one, it would allow you to meaningfully set the tempo as a very first step - i.e. without first needing to set up a basic rhythm, hi-hat 4:4 or something.

Unbelievably useful to me, given that’s how many of my Auxy projects begin when a new idea strikes.
(By contrast, unbelievably frustrating that such a simple feature isn’t present, forcing me out of the moment as I’m forced to do things their way, rather than the right way.)

Of course, tap tempo would be a natural partner feature for a metronome.


Right. And also I often start with melodies and such, and sometimes they start out a little busy or off. Perhaps a metronome would allow time to be felt more easily when putting those first notes down.